Get The Look: Kim Kardashian Wedding Day Makeup


For those of you wanting to know Kim Kardashian’s wedding day makeup details. They are finally out! Her makeup artist of the day Mario Dedivanovic has shared all the products that went into creating her “natural and timeless” effect, and here they are.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Highlighter, Bronzer & Blush

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Waterproof Precision Eye Pen
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (launching soon)
Kardashian Beauty Individual Lashes
L’Oréal Paris Infallible Eyeshadow in Eternal Sunshine
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Kardashian Beauty Honey Stick Lipgloss in Natural Honey
L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in Extraordinaire
L’Oréal Paris Liquid Lipstick by Colour Riche in Nude Ballet (for reception)

I found her bridal makeup beautiful and almost angelic, and I think the look took her to a whole new level of style. Have fun recreating it!


Sephora’s Revolutionary Upside Down Mascara

Sephora's Revolutionary Upside Down Mascara

Smart, life-changing and innovative products that are transforming cosmetics made in Sephora are starting a revolution! With innovation at all levels, the Sephora Girl’s Lab is moving forward at full speed!

Sephora's Revolutionary Upside Down Mascara002

Sephora introduces the new Upside Down Mascara, an exciting mascara that leaves no lash behind. With a revolutionary application technique, this multi application 360° mascara comes with 3 make up results – volumizing, curving and lengthening; the perfect formula for beautiful lashes. With its revolutionary dual brush innovation, the Upside Down Mascara ensures that your lashes are coated from the root, and covered from top to bottom.

How to use your mascara in 3 unique ways:


Open Dual Brush: For 360º volume, place the eyelashes between the two brushes, and pinch gently, stretching out toward the top in order to cover both sides of the eyelashes. The flat brush must be below the eyelashes and the round brush, above.
Closed Dual Brush: For optimal length and curve, cover the eyelashes using the dual brush in the closed position, as with a classic mascara.
One Brush Only: For perfectly defined lower lashes, use the flat brush in a “zigzag” movement from the root to the tips.

Sephora’s Upside Down Mascara is available at all Sephora stores at the following prices: AED 105, QAR 109, KWD 8.5, SAR 112, BHD 11.2

Product Review: No7 Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum


I love beauty products, and as a blogger, I receive my fair share of them to review, a few of them suck, some make no difference, and a bunch are actually amazing, and I do stick to them for a long time. The last option was exactly how I felt about this No7 Lift & Luminate Day and Night Serum. After using it for about 3-4 weeks, I’m absolutely hooked!

For start, the idea of having both day & night serums in one package is very convenient. Rather than having to purchase 2 separate products, for day and night, like we’re used to, these two come together and compliment each other.

The Day formula serves to inhibit further melanin over-production, and is designed to brighten, protect against free radicals, and firm skin. The skin brightening complex includes sopora, kiwi, and vitamin C, the antioxidant complex adds mulberry and ginseng, and the firming complex repairs structural protein with vitamin A, peptides, and DPHP (an ingredient known for hydrating and boosting collagen production.)

Whilst the night serum works to remove existing surface melanin. Firming complexes in both serums smooth out lines and wrinkles and promotes skin firmness. It contains newer skincare ingredient, PHA (polyhydroxy acids); this wrinkle-fighter is an exfoliant and is described as a gentler alpha hydroxy acid making it suitable for sensitive skin. It claims to have a number of anti-aging benefits including increased cell turnover, skin brightening, and reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size. It also hydrates and strengthens skin’s barrier function.

One of the things I noticed about using this product, beside the long term results, was the instant improvement of the condition of my skin, every time I applied it, let it be the day or the night serum, they both worked like a primer whevever I applied them, which was even more impressive.

Verdict? Highly recommended if you’re looking for an instant glow and over all skin improvement in about 4 weeks time. Available at all Boots stores for 13 Kuwaiti Dinars, or 130 Emarati Dirhams.

Product Review: Herbline Essentials Firm Skin Cream

Herbline Essentials

I was recently introduced to Herbline Essentials Products. One of the products I’ve been using is their Firm Skin Cream and I absolutely love it! This powerful cell simulator works by soothing away wrinkles and dark patches leaving your skin firm, supple and younger looking. I’ve been overwhelmed with work and it’s showing on my skin, specially my face and eyes area, and the cold weather does not help either. I try to apply the cream at night before I sleep as many times as I can every week and it really does leave me with a different feel to my skin when I wake up in the morning.

It’s all in the amazing mix of natural and organic ingredients this products carries, highly effective blend of herbs, including nutmeg, cloves, citrus oil and coriander seed oil, which are all high in antioxidants and work to detoxify the skin with their strong antiseptic properties. Enriched with coco palm wax and sunflower oil, the base cream helps to retain the water in the skin, hydrating and restoring the skin’s natural elasticity.

I highly recommend it for a an amazing over-night skin care, specially if you’re feeling that your skin has been tired or needs that extra protection to look radiant and glowing. Try it out! Stay gorgeous xx

Tried & Tested: The L’occitane Beauty Box – July 2013

It’s no secret how much I love beauty products, specially skin care! I like to try and experiment every new thing out there, but I stay loyal to few brands that I know I will love every new product they will bring to the table, one of those is L’occitane en Provence; I love the quality and the obvious work they put behind each and every one of their products, both in terms of effect and the straight to point packaging.


about 4 weeks ago, I received the Beauty Box of July 2013 and I’ve been putting what came in it to the test before writing this post, so I can be as true as possible with my review. First up, Immortelle Eye Makeup Remover, and Immortelle Essential Water. My 2 favorite picks from the box, and I’ve been literally using them every night since I got them! The Immortelle Eye Makeup Remover is great for not only eyes, but also face and lips. It has a velvety gel-like texture that can be used with or without makeup, and most importantly, I does not leave an annoying oil layer on! Personally, I like to use it without water then wash my face after I’m done. It makes my face super fresh and clear. It almost feels like you wash your way to new skin every time you use it! After I wash my face, I pat it dry, then with a cotton ball, I wipe Immortelle Essential Water all over my face and neck, and voila, ready for bed!


Next in the box was Immortelle Brightening Moisture Mask. Honestly, I’ve got quite fair skin that I doubt could get any lighter, but with using the mask twice a week, I definitely felt my face was more evenly-toned and the pigmentation marks were lighter. It is an intensive treatment that gives skin a real hydration and brightening bath to help to preserve its natural youthful glow. Skin is immediately and deeply moisturized, smoothed, and more firm. It not only contains moisturizing agents, but also restructuring vitamin A, vitamin E, with anti-free radical action, and rice peptides for improved cellular nutrition and oxygenation. Its pure Immortelle essential oil boosts collagen synthesis and helps to stimulate microcirculation to enhance cell renewal. The only downside is the packaging; the jar allows too much air to get mixed with the ingredients each time you use it, which shortens its shelf life. But in general, it is a great product and very much recommended if you suffer from dry skin or uneven combination.


Now, the Immortelle Brightening Instant Exfoliator; basically, if you have dry and sensitive skin and you still would like to exfoliate, this is definitely the type of face scrub you would love! It brightens up your skin while leaving it fresh, soft, and hydrated! I’m usually very picky with face exfoliators and scrubs, and I love it!


The last item in the box was Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette, a fresh and floral fragrance that is great for summer and day time. A top note that is sweet and juicy with Cherry and Freesia, a middle note that is floral and feminine with Cherry Blossom and Lilly of the valley, and a base note that is warm and woody with Amber & Musk. This fragrance smells just like the first days of spring!


To try or buy any of the above products, visit L’occitane stores at The Avenues, Al Fanar, or find their products at Tanagra stores.

Make Up For Ever Launches ‘My Studio’: Virtual Makeover iPad Application

App icon

Make Up For Ever launches ‘My Studio’, its first virtual reality makeup iPad Application, inviting you to enter the world of professional makeup and enjoy complete journey within Make Up For Ever’s colorful universe.

Available in both English and Arabic, ‘My Studio’ is the ideal place to let your creative side run free as it offers you the possibility to play with all Make Up For Ever’s products and create numerous looks on a selection of models or yourself.

My Studio App image (1)

This exciting free application not only offers you the real shades to try out but also allows you to learn the different makeup techniques. You can try out a multitude of the brand’s signature looks or as many products as your desire even the ones you never thought you could use. Who knows, you could be in for a surprise! ‘My Studio’ allows you to share your before and after images as well as your product wishlist with your friends.

With ‘My Studio’ by Make Up For Ever, you can learn makeup the fun way!

My Studio App image (2)

Dress Up Your Eyes With Make Up For Ever

Imagine the possibilities of dressing up your eyes in any look you desire in just 3 steps! Make Up For Ever launches its For Ever Bridal “La3younik” campaign which presents the 3 must-have products that will satisfy every look and style you desire for your eyes, putting you in the spotlight!
From the most natural to the most surreal look, these 3 fabulous must-haves adapt your eyes to every fashion trend, occasion, and mood.

It is no secret that women are in constant search for the perfect eyes; the following 3 steps and products will definitely help you achieve just that!


Step 1: Shape eyebrows with Aqua Brow

Aqua Brow; that perfect waterproof eyebrow corrector with a creamy gel texture to guarantee you extremely long-lasting flawless eyebrows. You don’t have to even worry about finding the right brush as it comes with 2 complementary eyebrow brushes to make it easier for you to achieve numerous shapes for your eyebrows.

Step 2: Accessorize lashes with False Lashes

Single eyelashes #9 and False lashes #157 are definitely must-have accessories that emphasize and add depth to your eyes in a natural way. Playing with these 2 lashes can help you achieve any look you desire ranging from natural when applied separately to dramatic look when applied on top of another. Both False lashes come with complementary adhesive to make sure your lashes are fixed well.

Step 3: Adorn your eyes with Aqua Black

Aqua Black, Make Up For Ever’s best seller, is an ultra-pigmented waterproof cream which can be used as an eyeliner and eyeshadow to offer you endless eye-catching looks. With Aqua Black, you will be able to easily try out various eyeliner techniques for different stunning looks everyday.

Product shot - white background

Make Up For Ever is available at Debenhams, Faces, Sephora, Vavavoom, & Beidoun stores. Follow them on their Facebook page,
here, for beauty tips and products updates.

It’s All About Colour at The Body Shop

colour crush

The Body Shop’s new Color Crush collection is a fashion-forward palette of 21 mono eyeshadows in a full array of the season’s must-have stand-out shades. Beautifully wearable, the lineup ranges from elegant beiges to shocking brights in a mix of pearly and matte finishes. Blendable and buildable, these intense shades can be applied wet or dry and worn alone, together or layered, creating a myriad of looks from daytime chic to full-on nighttime glamour. Go ahead and play with colour!

Extra Flawless Mother’s Day With Make Up For Ever

It is this time of year where mothers deserve to be appreciated and pampered on their special day. What better way to indulge your mother than to offer her beauty products which will make her look flawless and feel good. Catering to the needs of every woman, Make Up For Ever offers a wide range of professional products which will definitely put a smile on your mother’s face. Want to create the perfect beauty hamper for her? Here are the must-have products for her complexion, eyes & lips.

HD Elixir & HD Primer

HD Elixir & HD Primer
It is very important to maintain the radiance and the healthy glow of the skin. Before applying makeup, your mom must prepare her skin by applying HD Elixir; a unique serum that offers instant and long-lasting hydration to the skin; it also hides the puffiness, fine lines and signs of fatigue. It is then recommended she applies HD Primer before the foundation. HD Primer is a microperfecting primer which nourishes and softens the skin, creating a glowing effect. It creates a protective layer on the skin allowing the foundation to glide on easily and to last longer.

Liquid Lift Foundation

Liquid Lift Foundation
It is advisable for mothers to use liquid foundations to avoid highlighting the fine lines on the skin. Make Up For Ever experts recommend the Liquid Lift Foundation because it has a “lifting” effect which will smooth out wrinkles and tone down signs of tiredness. It is also suitable for dry, tired or mature skin.

Lift Concealer

Lift Concealer
To naturally hide dark circles and minor complexion alternations, it is recommended to use Lift Concealer as its formula improves skin tones and smooths the lines around the eyes.

Matte Eyeshadows
Matte shades eyeshadows would be perfect for mothers as they avoid enhancing the wrinkles. It is also advisable to choose nude and earthy colors such as shades of beige and brown.

Kohl Pencil all shades

Khol Pencils
Especially adapted to sensitive and thin skin around and inside the eye, the Kohl Pencil gives depth and intensity to the eyes. Its particularly gentle formula is tolerated by the most sensitive eyes, its soft and smooth texture blends effortlessly and keeps the skin around the eyes hydrated.

Smoky Lash Mascara - Black

Smoky Lash Mascara
Smoky Lash enhances lashes, for exceptional volume, infinite length and ultimate curl. It is available in 5 shades: black, blue, plum, brown and green

Aqua Brow

Aqua Brow
Your mother will definitely love this. Aqua Brow, the waterproof eyebrow corrector that fills, defines and lengthens brows. It gives a natural result which remains flawless throughout the day and holds up under all conditions.

lip line perfector

Lip Line Perfector
To ensure that lips are defined and that the colour of her lipstick lasts longer, we recommend the Lip Line Perfector as it will act as an invisible barrier, keeping the colour inside the lip line and preventing lipstick from bleeding and feathering.

Rouge Artist Intense and Rouge Artist Natural

Rouge Artist Intense and Rouge Artist Natural
Make Up For Ever experts recommend you choose natural nude colors to enhance natural radiance. Choose creamy textures for the lipstick and avoid shiny and dark colors. Choose from their wide range of Rouge Artist Intense and Rouge Artist Natural lipsticks available in 100 shades to suit any outfit, occasion, or mood.

Make Up For Ever is available at Debenhams, Faces, Sephora, Vavavoom, & Beidoun stores. Happy Mother’s Day!

Make Up For Ever Spring Look 2013: Technicolor

This Spring, think bright and bold colors as Technicolor made its way on the runways and Make Up For Ever releases its limited edition Technicolor Palette just in time to offer women the must-have shades of the season which adapt to every mood, occasion, and outfit.

Inspired from the Technicolor camera technique, the very first cinematographic tones which revealed over-saturated colored images to the world, Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of Make Up For Ever created the Technicolor palette to paint an image of beauty in saturated colors while playing with light contrast to re-color reality, giving it a novel modern edge. Scroll down to see the super easy, step-by-step manual to the bubbly season’s look.


STEP 1: Using 10P brush, apply the yellow eyeshadow on the entire eyelid and then use the 16P brush to apply it on the lower lash line.


STEP 2: Using the 10P brush, apply eyeshadow #72 in Turquoise on the outer corner of the eye and into the crease blending it with the yellow shadow. Use eyeshadow #91 in Apple Green as the intermediate color. Using the 16P brush, apply eyeshadow #72 in Turquoise along the lower lash line and blend with eyeshadow #91 in Apple Green.

Tip: To give more intensity to the lash line, apply Aqua Eyes pencil 12L in Blue with Green Highlights before applying the eyeshadow.


STEP 3: Apply eyeshadow #00 in White at the center of the brow bone to highlight.

Tip: To give more intensity to the eyes, apply Kohl Pencil 3K in Pearly Turquoise on the water line.


STEP 4: Apply eyeshadow #116 in Lilac on the inner corner of the eye and blend.


STEP 5: Using the 16P brush, apply eyeshadow #72 in Turquoise on the upper lash line to better define and intensify the line.


STEP 6: Finish by applying Smoky Lash Mascara.


Coinciding with the trend for Spring 2013, this palette is this season’s must-have accessory offering a mix of bright & softer shades of eyeshadow in a variety of matte, satiny, and iridescent textures. 5 basic shades, the mainstay of the timeless Make Up For Ever collection, ensure that there is something for everyone: Lilac, Black, Matte White, Espresso, and Iridescent Yellow Beige. These are complemented by 3 radiant shades that concentrate all the vitality of spring: Turquoise, Apple Green, and a limited edition of this spring’s flagship color, Yellow; the most luminous shade and the “It” shade of the season as it is a primary, hyper-pigmented, glowing yellow whose joyful vitality will electrify the eyes and overall look with its radiance.


Technicolour Palette will be available in the market starting from the 15th February 2013. Make Up For Ever is available at Debenhams, Faces, Sephora, Vavavoom, & Beidoun stores.