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16 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Bloggers gathering community is organized by Edges Media
    and under Kuwaiti Team. The purpose of the gathering is
    to build up the social media group which are the main
    headlines in this generation.
    In addition, to find more about each-others, online terms,
    share experience, solve local problems and increase the
    social media fans/followers.
    Bloggers Gathering will launch with an executive launching
    event which will be announce shortly by press releases,
    press conference and marketing campaign.
    More information and to register visit our website (
    Thank you

  2. Hey there

    Since your the Only one who talked about it, I would like you to be the first to know that my short film Taif ( which I made in 2011, got accepted in Abu Dhabi Film Festival.


  3. really happy to have such a beautiful designer like you,i liked ur page on facebook and just watched your video on naweem
    … i wish i can be one of your models
    wish love,xx

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