Sephora’s Revolutionary Upside Down Mascara

Sephora's Revolutionary Upside Down Mascara

Smart, life-changing and innovative products that are transforming cosmetics made in Sephora are starting a revolution! With innovation at all levels, the Sephora Girl’s Lab is moving forward at full speed!

Sephora's Revolutionary Upside Down Mascara002

Sephora introduces the new Upside Down Mascara, an exciting mascara that leaves no lash behind. With a revolutionary application technique, this multi application 360° mascara comes with 3 make up results – volumizing, curving and lengthening; the perfect formula for beautiful lashes. With its revolutionary dual brush innovation, the Upside Down Mascara ensures that your lashes are coated from the root, and covered from top to bottom.

How to use your mascara in 3 unique ways:


Open Dual Brush: For 360º volume, place the eyelashes between the two brushes, and pinch gently, stretching out toward the top in order to cover both sides of the eyelashes. The flat brush must be below the eyelashes and the round brush, above.
Closed Dual Brush: For optimal length and curve, cover the eyelashes using the dual brush in the closed position, as with a classic mascara.
One Brush Only: For perfectly defined lower lashes, use the flat brush in a “zigzag” movement from the root to the tips.

Sephora’s Upside Down Mascara is available at all Sephora stores at the following prices: AED 105, QAR 109, KWD 8.5, SAR 112, BHD 11.2


Review: Eden Spa @HarveyNicholsKuwait


I got an invite to try out the newly opened Eden spa at Harvey Nichols Kuwait, and who would say no to some much needed quality time! The place is located inside Harvey Nicks store, within the beauty department, just beside Elemis. First impression? Neat! very simple, cozy little place.



They offer eye lashes extension and mani/pedi treatments. And I was in for the second. The color collection is small but quite diverse; Shellac, Essie, Gelish, Nails inc, Orly, and Ciate!








I picked my colors and had a seat. The first thing to catch my attention, their water, it’s blue baby! Pool blue! I wanted to jump in!


My treatment was a mix of orange, and honey butter, a perfect mix! and the smell is heavenly! I knew I was in for a good time!


Since I’m loving white this summer, I chose it of Ciate with a touch of pearly white caviar coating.


The staff were super professional, quite, and paying attention to detail. A must when it comes to nail care! detail! The cleaning, the cutting, filing, and color application! All great!





I will definitely be passing by The Avenues more often! It’s hard to find a place this good and not get addicted! Wish you guys all the best! Book your appointment on 2228-3235, they are definitely worth a visit!