Review: Eden Spa @HarveyNicholsKuwait


I got an invite to try out the newly opened Eden spa at Harvey Nichols Kuwait, and who would say no to some much needed quality time! The place is located inside Harvey Nicks store, within the beauty department, just beside Elemis. First impression? Neat! very simple, cozy little place.



They offer eye lashes extension and mani/pedi treatments. And I was in for the second. The color collection is small but quite diverse; Shellac, Essie, Gelish, Nails inc, Orly, and Ciate!








I picked my colors and had a seat. The first thing to catch my attention, their water, it’s blue baby! Pool blue! I wanted to jump in!


My treatment was a mix of orange, and honey butter, a perfect mix! and the smell is heavenly! I knew I was in for a good time!


Since I’m loving white this summer, I chose it of Ciate with a touch of pearly white caviar coating.


The staff were super professional, quite, and paying attention to detail. A must when it comes to nail care! detail! The cleaning, the cutting, filing, and color application! All great!





I will definitely be passing by The Avenues more often! It’s hard to find a place this good and not get addicted! Wish you guys all the best! Book your appointment on 2228-3235, they are definitely worth a visit!


Custom Tattoos In K-town?

I need help with something, I’ve been LOVING the look of tattoos recently! Not all, but some are just so gorgeous! And I’m looking for some place where they do custom tattoos in Kuwait? temporary ones of course! I know many places do Henna or sticker-cut tattoos, but where can I get something done the way I want it? maybe a quote? or a specific font? Stuff like that..Help pweez 😦

Review: Velvet Butterflies

Since I’m off for the rest of the week, unlike hubby 😦 I’ve got plenty of time to kill..So I decided to pamper myself..I woke up early yesterday morning and called my friend, mentioned that I’m calling a home service nails spa, she was like ‘I WANT’!! And that’s what we did, I went over her place, got online to check the home service spas, and came across Velvet Butterflies..We called them up and they were available πŸ˜€

They got to us on time and started setting up the space and laying out the equipment..everything looked nice and clean

Lots of color options, however, they only have Zoya..So if you don’t like it, you might wanna have them apply your own polish..I did that, they didn’t mind at all

Those cute packs are for sale, I loooove ‘Touring America Collection By O.P.I’! Amazing colors for fall and winter

Over all, a very good home service spa; the staff were sweet, the set up was cute, and the mani/pedi is neat

The menu below is taken from Velvet Butterflies Twitter Account for you ladies πŸ™‚

Enjoy & stay fab Xx

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Beauty Spot Exhibition

Yesterday, I couldn’t wait to finish work, get home, change, and go to 360! Since the day I heard about ‘Beauty Spot Expo’ and I really wanted to check it out! I love salons, nail spas, nail stations, spas, beauty products, and any other thing of that kind! So I hit the road, got myself there, and headed straight to the exhibition hall! The entrance screams ‘girly’! With ‘No Men Allowed’ sign, and giant nail polish right at the gate! It says it all πŸ˜‰

My first stop was at Mobrad booth, cute, but too crowded all the time, I had to struggle to get close! Planning to pay them a visit some time soon at their nail spa, located at Al-Tijariya Tower, Al-Mirqab.

Second stop, Hair Station..Liked their ‘Nail Station’ polish color collection..Located in Jabriya.

Now to my ABSOLUTE favorite booth at the exhibition, ‘Pretty Petals’ Nail Spa..will be opening soon after Eid in Jabriya..I Love the name, logo, products, and their paper bags! The girls were super sweet, wish them all the best of luck. Will definitely be trying this one out once they open πŸ™‚

I bought this from them..It’s kinda minx but much easier! All you need to do is wear the sticker on your nail and file the excess! No need for salon, UV, or even heat! Perfect for a quick fix if you’re in a hurry!

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