Make Up For Ever Spring Look 2013: Technicolor

This Spring, think bright and bold colors as Technicolor made its way on the runways and Make Up For Ever releases its limited edition Technicolor Palette just in time to offer women the must-have shades of the season which adapt to every mood, occasion, and outfit.

Inspired from the Technicolor camera technique, the very first cinematographic tones which revealed over-saturated colored images to the world, Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of Make Up For Ever created the Technicolor palette to paint an image of beauty in saturated colors while playing with light contrast to re-color reality, giving it a novel modern edge. Scroll down to see the super easy, step-by-step manual to the bubbly season’s look.


STEP 1: Using 10P brush, apply the yellow eyeshadow on the entire eyelid and then use the 16P brush to apply it on the lower lash line.


STEP 2: Using the 10P brush, apply eyeshadow #72 in Turquoise on the outer corner of the eye and into the crease blending it with the yellow shadow. Use eyeshadow #91 in Apple Green as the intermediate color. Using the 16P brush, apply eyeshadow #72 in Turquoise along the lower lash line and blend with eyeshadow #91 in Apple Green.

Tip: To give more intensity to the lash line, apply Aqua Eyes pencil 12L in Blue with Green Highlights before applying the eyeshadow.


STEP 3: Apply eyeshadow #00 in White at the center of the brow bone to highlight.

Tip: To give more intensity to the eyes, apply Kohl Pencil 3K in Pearly Turquoise on the water line.


STEP 4: Apply eyeshadow #116 in Lilac on the inner corner of the eye and blend.


STEP 5: Using the 16P brush, apply eyeshadow #72 in Turquoise on the upper lash line to better define and intensify the line.


STEP 6: Finish by applying Smoky Lash Mascara.


Coinciding with the trend for Spring 2013, this palette is this season’s must-have accessory offering a mix of bright & softer shades of eyeshadow in a variety of matte, satiny, and iridescent textures. 5 basic shades, the mainstay of the timeless Make Up For Ever collection, ensure that there is something for everyone: Lilac, Black, Matte White, Espresso, and Iridescent Yellow Beige. These are complemented by 3 radiant shades that concentrate all the vitality of spring: Turquoise, Apple Green, and a limited edition of this spring’s flagship color, Yellow; the most luminous shade and the “It” shade of the season as it is a primary, hyper-pigmented, glowing yellow whose joyful vitality will electrify the eyes and overall look with its radiance.


Technicolour Palette will be available in the market starting from the 15th February 2013. Make Up For Ever is available at Debenhams, Faces, Sephora, Vavavoom, & Beidoun stores.


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