Get The Look: Kim Kardashian Wedding Day Makeup


For those of you wanting to know Kim Kardashian’s wedding day makeup details. They are finally out! Her makeup artist of the day Mario Dedivanovic has shared all the products that went into creating her “natural and timeless” effect, and here they are.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Foundation
Urban Decay Naked Flushed Highlighter, Bronzer & Blush

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Waterproof Precision Eye Pen
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (launching soon)
Kardashian Beauty Individual Lashes
L’Oréal Paris Infallible Eyeshadow in Eternal Sunshine
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Kardashian Beauty Honey Stick Lipgloss in Natural Honey
L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in Extraordinaire
L’Oréal Paris Liquid Lipstick by Colour Riche in Nude Ballet (for reception)

I found her bridal makeup beautiful and almost angelic, and I think the look took her to a whole new level of style. Have fun recreating it!


Splash Into Summer With Make Up For Ever Aqua Range Festival

Make Up For Ever is going huge this summer with its Award-winning Aqua Range as it reveals its latest additions to this high performance, waterproof collection, available in a rainbow of colors. Combining long-wear and easy application, Aqua Range is ideal for women who want quick-to-apply makeup that is both flawless and very long-lasting. Guaranteed waterproof, it offers maximum resistance to water and rubbing to provide unique staying power on the face, eyes and lips. The intense pigments hold up perfectly all day long, and all night too to perfect your makeup style!

Aqua product shot

The Aqua Range collection includes a wide variety of products catering to every color and look desired; and this summer new shades have been introduced to this desirable collection.

Aqua Cream: Express yourself with the multipurpose waterproof Aqua Cream which can be applied on your lips, cheeks and eyes. This summer, Aqua Cream, is entering a new era with limited editions of three exclusive, ultra-refreshing shades: Aqua Cream #52 in Pearly Green Lagoon, Aqua Cream #53 in Pearly Pastel Green, Aqua Cream #54 in Pearly Mauve.

Aqua Eyes: Bring out the beauty of your eyes with this must-have waterproof eyeliner pencil; Aqua Eyes. A stunning limited edition new color, Aqua Eyes #52L in Pearly Green Lagoon, has been added to the range for this summer and is complemented by 2 star shades of the season, Aqua Eyes #25L in Matte Brown, and Aqua Eyes #11L in Purple.

Aqua Black: An ultra-pigmented waterproof black cream which can be used as an eyeliner and eyeshadow to offer you endless eye-catching looks!

Aqua Shadow: This waterproof eyeshadow pencil can be applied as quickly as possible allowing you to create stunning looks in no time.

Aqua Liner: Shape your eyes with this waterproof liquid eyeliner that features an ergonomic applicator which makes it easy for you to draw an ultra-precise and adjustable line for any look you desire.

Aqua Smoky Lash: Add volume, length and instant curl to your lashes with Aqua Smoky lash mascara.

Aqua Product Shot (1)

Aqua Brow: Shape and maintain your eyebrows with this waterproof eyebrow corrector which guarantees you an extremely long-lasting flawless eyebrows. You don’t have to worry about finding the right brush as it comes with 2 complementary eyebrow brushes.

Aqua Creamliner: The 2 in 1 Aqua Creamliner is cream-gel eyeliner specifically designed for an extra long-lasting, waterproof eye makeup. It can be used as eyeliner or smudged like an eyeshadow.

Aqua Seal: This product is designed to convert all powdery makeup (Star Powder, Diamond Powder, Eye Shadows, Eyeliner cake, Pigments, Glitters) and pencils into waterproof makeup.

Aqua Rouge: Achieve those perfect lips with the ultimate waterproof liquid lipstick which leaves incredibly beautiful and plump lips under the spotlight. 5 new shades are introduced this season for you to try out. Aqua Rouge #18 in poppy Coral shade which lights up any look, along with four other sunny shades: Aqua Rouge #16 in Fuschia, Aqua Rouge #19 in Pomegranate Pink, Aqua Rouge #20 in Baby Pink, Aqua Rouge #17 in Bright Orange

Aqua Lip: Emphasize and reshape your lip contour with a complementing shade of Aqua Lip, the waterproof lip liner which gives shape to your lips while blending invisibly into your matching lipstick. Its soft, supple, creamy texture embraces the lips and stays perfectly true for hours. Joining the 18 colors already available in the Aqua Lip range, two new fruity shades have been added to the line: Aqua Lip #19 in deep Pomegranate Pink, and Aqua Lip #20 in pale Baby Pink.

Aqua Product Shot (2)


Now here’s the step-by-step on how to get this gorgeous summer look:


Apply Aqua Cream #54 in pearly mauve from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye.

Step 1


Apply Aqua Cream #53 in pearly pastel green from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the eyelid. Then, blend softly both colors.

Step 2


Apply Aqua Cream #52 in pearly green lagoon onto the crease of the eye. Before it dries, blend it lightly upwards.

Step 3


With Aqua Eyes #11L in purple, draw the lash line starting from the inner corner of the eye until the middle.

 Pro tips: First, sharpen the pencil to get an accurate and fine line.

Step 4


With Aqua Eyes #52L in pearly green lagoon, continue drawing the lash line from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.

Step 5


Apply lightly Aqua Cream #54 in pearly mauve onto the lower lash line using a slanted brush.

Step 6


Eh voila! Enjoy a hot, colorful, vibrant summer!

Official visual

Make Up For Ever is available at Debenhams, Faces, Sephora, Vavavoom, & Beidoun stores. Follow them on their Facebook page, here, for beauty tips and products updates.

Make Up For Ever Launches ‘My Studio’: Virtual Makeover iPad Application

App icon

Make Up For Ever launches ‘My Studio’, its first virtual reality makeup iPad Application, inviting you to enter the world of professional makeup and enjoy complete journey within Make Up For Ever’s colorful universe.

Available in both English and Arabic, ‘My Studio’ is the ideal place to let your creative side run free as it offers you the possibility to play with all Make Up For Ever’s products and create numerous looks on a selection of models or yourself.

My Studio App image (1)

This exciting free application not only offers you the real shades to try out but also allows you to learn the different makeup techniques. You can try out a multitude of the brand’s signature looks or as many products as your desire even the ones you never thought you could use. Who knows, you could be in for a surprise! ‘My Studio’ allows you to share your before and after images as well as your product wishlist with your friends.

With ‘My Studio’ by Make Up For Ever, you can learn makeup the fun way!

My Studio App image (2)

Dress Up Your Eyes With Make Up For Ever

Imagine the possibilities of dressing up your eyes in any look you desire in just 3 steps! Make Up For Ever launches its For Ever Bridal “La3younik” campaign which presents the 3 must-have products that will satisfy every look and style you desire for your eyes, putting you in the spotlight!
From the most natural to the most surreal look, these 3 fabulous must-haves adapt your eyes to every fashion trend, occasion, and mood.

It is no secret that women are in constant search for the perfect eyes; the following 3 steps and products will definitely help you achieve just that!


Step 1: Shape eyebrows with Aqua Brow

Aqua Brow; that perfect waterproof eyebrow corrector with a creamy gel texture to guarantee you extremely long-lasting flawless eyebrows. You don’t have to even worry about finding the right brush as it comes with 2 complementary eyebrow brushes to make it easier for you to achieve numerous shapes for your eyebrows.

Step 2: Accessorize lashes with False Lashes

Single eyelashes #9 and False lashes #157 are definitely must-have accessories that emphasize and add depth to your eyes in a natural way. Playing with these 2 lashes can help you achieve any look you desire ranging from natural when applied separately to dramatic look when applied on top of another. Both False lashes come with complementary adhesive to make sure your lashes are fixed well.

Step 3: Adorn your eyes with Aqua Black

Aqua Black, Make Up For Ever’s best seller, is an ultra-pigmented waterproof cream which can be used as an eyeliner and eyeshadow to offer you endless eye-catching looks. With Aqua Black, you will be able to easily try out various eyeliner techniques for different stunning looks everyday.

Product shot - white background

Make Up For Ever is available at Debenhams, Faces, Sephora, Vavavoom, & Beidoun stores. Follow them on their Facebook page,
here, for beauty tips and products updates.

Make Up For Ever Releases Revolutionary Compact Powder Foundation: Pro Finish

PRO FINISH Product Shot

Think of being able to get a flawless complexion like a Pro in just 2 minutes even while you are “on the go”; this is exactly what you will be getting with Make Up For Ever revolutionary compact powder foundation: ‘Pro Finish’. After six years spent in the making to perfect its highly complex formula, Make Up For Ever releases Pro Finish to offer all women and professional makeup artists the most practical high-performance compact foundation which can be applied on any skin type and skin tone as quickly as possible.

4 Models horizontalC MAKE UP FOR EVER

With its transforming texture and breakthrough formula, this versatile and multi-use foundation allows you to fully customize your finish and coverage level. Pro Finish can be used wet or dry to produce an endless array of effects that are adaptable to suit different skin types. It can also be reapplied as needed and yet remain light, making it perfect for touch-ups as well while still achieving a natural look.


Available in 25 shades to suit all skin tones, Pro Finish is the essential product to carry with you at all times if you want to achieve true professional results instantly.

Secondary visuals (1)C MAKE UP FOR EVER

Secondary visuals (2)C MAKE UP FOR EVER

When applied dry, PRO FINISH corrects and evens out the complexion with an instant matte coating that erases imperfections to achieve a full coverage, matte result. When applied wet, it offers a sheer, semi-matte finish.

Here’s the step-by-step Pro Finish application with dry sponge:

Step 1:
Take the powder foundation directly from the case with the integrated Sponge.

Step 2:
Apply on the whole face and neck with the sponge by sweeping smoothing movements. Repeat for additional coverage as needed.

Ultra matte covering foundation.

And here is how to apply with wet sponge:

Step 1:
Wet the integrated sponge.

Step 2:
Blend lightly the product in the case to get a smooth texture.

Step 3:
Apply on the whole face and neck with the sponge by sweeping smoothing movements. Make sure that you don’t apply too much around the eye contour area, in order not to increase the lines and wrinkles.

When applied on the skin, the wet pigments are intensified. Wait to dry to obtain the right color.

The complexion is smoothed and unified with a semi matte finish.

Make Up For Ever is available at Debenhams, Faces, Sephora, Vavavoom, & Beidoun stores. Follow them on their Facebook page, here, for beauty tips and products updates.