Splash Into Summer With Make Up For Ever Aqua Range Festival

Make Up For Ever is going huge this summer with its Award-winning Aqua Range as it reveals its latest additions to this high performance, waterproof collection, available in a rainbow of colors. Combining long-wear and easy application, Aqua Range is ideal for women who want quick-to-apply makeup that is both flawless and very long-lasting. Guaranteed waterproof, it offers maximum resistance to water and rubbing to provide unique staying power on the face, eyes and lips. The intense pigments hold up perfectly all day long, and all night too to perfect your makeup style!

Aqua product shot

The Aqua Range collection includes a wide variety of products catering to every color and look desired; and this summer new shades have been introduced to this desirable collection.

Aqua Cream: Express yourself with the multipurpose waterproof Aqua Cream which can be applied on your lips, cheeks and eyes. This summer, Aqua Cream, is entering a new era with limited editions of three exclusive, ultra-refreshing shades: Aqua Cream #52 in Pearly Green Lagoon, Aqua Cream #53 in Pearly Pastel Green, Aqua Cream #54 in Pearly Mauve.

Aqua Eyes: Bring out the beauty of your eyes with this must-have waterproof eyeliner pencil; Aqua Eyes. A stunning limited edition new color, Aqua Eyes #52L in Pearly Green Lagoon, has been added to the range for this summer and is complemented by 2 star shades of the season, Aqua Eyes #25L in Matte Brown, and Aqua Eyes #11L in Purple.

Aqua Black: An ultra-pigmented waterproof black cream which can be used as an eyeliner and eyeshadow to offer you endless eye-catching looks!

Aqua Shadow: This waterproof eyeshadow pencil can be applied as quickly as possible allowing you to create stunning looks in no time.

Aqua Liner: Shape your eyes with this waterproof liquid eyeliner that features an ergonomic applicator which makes it easy for you to draw an ultra-precise and adjustable line for any look you desire.

Aqua Smoky Lash: Add volume, length and instant curl to your lashes with Aqua Smoky lash mascara.

Aqua Product Shot (1)

Aqua Brow: Shape and maintain your eyebrows with this waterproof eyebrow corrector which guarantees you an extremely long-lasting flawless eyebrows. You don’t have to worry about finding the right brush as it comes with 2 complementary eyebrow brushes.

Aqua Creamliner: The 2 in 1 Aqua Creamliner is cream-gel eyeliner specifically designed for an extra long-lasting, waterproof eye makeup. It can be used as eyeliner or smudged like an eyeshadow.

Aqua Seal: This product is designed to convert all powdery makeup (Star Powder, Diamond Powder, Eye Shadows, Eyeliner cake, Pigments, Glitters) and pencils into waterproof makeup.

Aqua Rouge: Achieve those perfect lips with the ultimate waterproof liquid lipstick which leaves incredibly beautiful and plump lips under the spotlight. 5 new shades are introduced this season for you to try out. Aqua Rouge #18 in poppy Coral shade which lights up any look, along with four other sunny shades: Aqua Rouge #16 in Fuschia, Aqua Rouge #19 in Pomegranate Pink, Aqua Rouge #20 in Baby Pink, Aqua Rouge #17 in Bright Orange

Aqua Lip: Emphasize and reshape your lip contour with a complementing shade of Aqua Lip, the waterproof lip liner which gives shape to your lips while blending invisibly into your matching lipstick. Its soft, supple, creamy texture embraces the lips and stays perfectly true for hours. Joining the 18 colors already available in the Aqua Lip range, two new fruity shades have been added to the line: Aqua Lip #19 in deep Pomegranate Pink, and Aqua Lip #20 in pale Baby Pink.

Aqua Product Shot (2)


Now here’s the step-by-step on how to get this gorgeous summer look:


Apply Aqua Cream #54 in pearly mauve from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye.

Step 1


Apply Aqua Cream #53 in pearly pastel green from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the eyelid. Then, blend softly both colors.

Step 2


Apply Aqua Cream #52 in pearly green lagoon onto the crease of the eye. Before it dries, blend it lightly upwards.

Step 3


With Aqua Eyes #11L in purple, draw the lash line starting from the inner corner of the eye until the middle.

 Pro tips: First, sharpen the pencil to get an accurate and fine line.

Step 4


With Aqua Eyes #52L in pearly green lagoon, continue drawing the lash line from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.

Step 5


Apply lightly Aqua Cream #54 in pearly mauve onto the lower lash line using a slanted brush.

Step 6


Eh voila! Enjoy a hot, colorful, vibrant summer!

Official visual

Make Up For Ever is available at Debenhams, Faces, Sephora, Vavavoom, & Beidoun stores. Follow them on their Facebook page, here, for beauty tips and products updates.


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