Rtister Meets Joumana Soufi

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a feature on Rtister.com, a global home for the savvy shopper who loves to own something contemporary, special, and unique. Based in London, Rtister nurtures and hones emerging designers and merges them with some of fashion’s most established names to create a global platform that showcases the very best in contemporary womenswear.

My feature is now available on Rtister, or you could check it out here! Don’t forget to shop a little and follow them on Instagram @Rtister

Rtister meets Joumana Soufi - Copy

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Rtister meets Joumana Soufi - Copy (5)

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Owayshi: Online Fashion Store


I stumbled upon this new online store, Owayshi, And thought of sharing. They carry a wide range of brands as well as their own label ‘Owayshi’ and they offer trendy items for very reasonable prices. Give them a visit, here.

Yarrow: Online Fashion Boutique


I was recently introduced to Yarrow, an online fashion boutique based in Kuwait, hosting collections by US, Paris, and Spain designers. Got my eyes on few picks. Check it out, here.

Making Heads Turn: A Bold New Fashion-forward Turban Collection by Malaak

Malaak SS2013

Turbans have made a bold fashion statement for decades. Trendsetters from Greta Garbo and Lana Turner to Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce and Sheikha Moza of Qatar have all embraced turbans as a staple of sartorial elegance, because it offers women a modest and yet fashionable piece, both fabulously classic and quietly unconventional.

Enthusiasts of previous Malaak fashion have come to expect creations of exquisite designs, masterful tailoring and a fashion-forward aesthetic that has turned this designer-to-watch into a household name whose style is immediately recognizable. Her fashion is notoriously bold and edgy and caters to women with a purpose of making a statement every day.

The collection features vintage references ranging from 50s nostalgia – think pastel colours and floral prints in silk satin and velvet, impregnated with current influences – bold graphics, patterns and accessories, which give these pieces a unique vibe and contrast: feminine and edgy.

The new Spring/Summer 2013 collection will be soon available in several boutiques and department stores in Dubai: Symphony (Dubai Mall), Saks Fifth Avenue, USH Boutique, S*uce and the signature Malaak Boutique in Jumeirah; in Doha at Impressions and in Jeddah at Cream.

For more on Malaak, visit their website, here.

Londonize.me: Shop London at Your Home

Londonize.me is a newly launched online shopping website based in Dubai; dealing only with London fashion designers not available in the region in order to bring the latest London fashion to the GCC. They also offer fashion tips and share the latest fashion trends to their subscribers, Londonize yourself, here.

Third Culture Kids By Khaleejesque

Remember when Khaleejesque launched their 1st-print issue a couple of weeks back? Well, I’m still reading through the articles every other night and the one I’m about to share here is by far, my favorite!

The reason for which I absolutely loved this article is because it touches a personal base; it talks about being born within a certain nationality, culture, or boundaries, living somewhere else that is not your home-country, while feeling it’s home. You end up being a ‘Third Culture Kid’, and growing into a ‘Third Culture Adult’, moving around, taking the best of the cultures you experience, loving each one like it’s your own, embracing the world like no one else can do! For this I say I’m a Third Culture Adult and proud!

The article is by Ghadeer Al-Otaibi, one of the editors at Khaleejesque, I loved the way it’s tweaked! If you are a Third Culture Kid, or Adult, your thoughts will float around as you read her story! You would involuntarily go down memory lane and indulge in your reminiscence.

This is my most admired part of the whole article:

It is in Australia where I learnt what I was. It is where I realized I wasn’t your average Kuwaiti, not a Spaniard, a Lebanese or an American. It was here I realized I was a blend of all of the cultures that I had lived in, forming my own wave and tastes in lifestyle, music and art. Despite the complexities, now that I have grown from being a Third Culture Kid into an adult Third Culture Kid, I can truly say that my experiences have given me the greatest gifts one could ever ask for. ~Ghadeer Al Otaibi

To read the full article, collect your copy of Khaleejesque Print Issue at any of the following places, here.

Khaleejesq​ue 1st Print-Issue Launch Event

2 days ago happened to be Khaleejesque first print-issue launch event. It was held at the 360 Mall; when I got the invitation, I knew for sure the issue is going to be unique! But when I actually went there, and saw it, I was astonished! The cover, the topics, the photography, and the writing!! Thumbs up Khaleejesque! It’s absolutely a wonderful job for a 1st issue! Can’t wait to see what you guys have lined up!

BonkerBox was there and people were taking such awesome pictures! Check them out!

I fell in love with this photo shoot! You can find more details in their issue. It’s absolutely beautiful! And bear in mind, it’s all done in Kuwait!

I will be talking more in-depth on some of the articles I liked from the print-issue, stay tuned, it’s worth it! Meanwhile, Khaleejesque website will still be running as we know it!

* Images above are by the lovely, @Jacqui from Couch Avenue Blog, I took some pictures while I was there, But totally loved hers when I saw them, and she was sweet enough to share! Thank you darling ❤

Khaleejesque Launch 1st Print Issue

Celebrating the launch of their brand new print magazine, Khaleejesque is going to have a showcase event at the 360 Mall on the 5th and 6th of February from 10am-10pm.

Meet the talented team behind Khaleejesque, walk around the make-shift magazine installation, get a digital snapshot from BonkerBox and make sure to grab a free copy of the first print issue.

Mumz World

For the first time, you have a comprehensive product catalogue of thousands of items from hundreds of brands at your fingertips. We make it easy to shop by allowing you to search by brand, category, special features, price and more. If we don’t stock the item you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll try our best to locate it. It’s our goal to make sure that when you’ve shopped on mumzworld, you’ve shopped everywhere!

Cute! For all mummies and mummies to be! Very convenient for busy parents!