Making Heads Turn: A Bold New Fashion-forward Turban Collection by Malaak

Malaak SS2013

Turbans have made a bold fashion statement for decades. Trendsetters from Greta Garbo and Lana Turner to Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce and Sheikha Moza of Qatar have all embraced turbans as a staple of sartorial elegance, because it offers women a modest and yet fashionable piece, both fabulously classic and quietly unconventional.

Enthusiasts of previous Malaak fashion have come to expect creations of exquisite designs, masterful tailoring and a fashion-forward aesthetic that has turned this designer-to-watch into a household name whose style is immediately recognizable. Her fashion is notoriously bold and edgy and caters to women with a purpose of making a statement every day.

The collection features vintage references ranging from 50s nostalgia – think pastel colours and floral prints in silk satin and velvet, impregnated with current influences – bold graphics, patterns and accessories, which give these pieces a unique vibe and contrast: feminine and edgy.

The new Spring/Summer 2013 collection will be soon available in several boutiques and department stores in Dubai: Symphony (Dubai Mall), Saks Fifth Avenue, USH Boutique, S*uce and the signature Malaak Boutique in Jumeirah; in Doha at Impressions and in Jeddah at Cream.

For more on Malaak, visit their website, here.


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