Dove Launches New Delicious Range of Purely Pampering Body Lotions

Dove_Purely Pampering_AlmondCream

Dove_Purely Pampering_SheaButter

With the introduction of NEW Dove Purely Pampering Body lotions, there is now a new delicious way to care for skin. The new body lotions pamper skin with the most wholesome caring ingredients – ranging from shea butter to luscious almond cream.
The new moisturising Dove Body lotions care for skin layers deep, deeper than any other lotion, leaving skin healthy and beautifully soft and smooth.

NEW Dove Pampering Body lotions are available in the following variants:
• Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla
• Almond Cream & Hibiscus

Not only do the new Dove Body lotions offer everyday superior care for skin, but they envelop the senses with delicious fragrances. The unique scent combinations in the lotions have been carefully chosen by the fragrance experts at Dove to offer an immersive, indulgent everyday pampering experience, which awakens the senses.

Dove Purely Pampering Body lotions are currently available at major supermarkets.


Visiting Talise Spa at Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa


I was invited for a tour at the long-awaited, and newly opened, Talise Spa at Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa. Being a spa-junkie, I cleared my schedule for a few hours and headed their, not knowing exactly what to expect!

Before I start with anything, I did arrive 30 minutes late for my treatment, and wasn’t sure if they’ll accommodate me with this delay since it’s always in issue in spas. I walked in and informed the Spa Assistant Manager, Ms. Marcia, who was actually welcoming me at the spa as I walked in, and she managed to squeeze me in for an appointment after 1 hour from my arrival, which gave me plenty of time to enjoy the facilities. Perfect start!

Let me walk you through my experience, a visually rich one indeed. After the rescheduling of my appointment, I was asked to fill my information and medical history/condition on a paper which they keep for the reference of your therapist, while doing so, I was served a juice shot and an ice cold towel for refreshment. I was then escorted by a spa staff from the spa reception area to the women’s private spa facility, and here the journey began.

The first thing inside was of course, the changing room, where they give you an amazingly soft robe to get comfortable before you start with your treatments.




My next stop, the Female Inhale room. Consists of steam, sauna, snow room, a hydro pool, and tropical showers with heated beds. Great for your circulation and for prepping your skin and mood for the treatment that follows. I was familiar with all the facilities inside the Female Inhale except for the snow room, and I was excited to try it, but to be honest, I got so claustrophobic I couldn’t last for more than 15 seconds inside. You should definitely give it a try when you’re there though, your skin does feel great after. The idea is to try it after the sauna or the steam, when your skin is hot and moist; being exposed to freezing cold air immediately after, gives you a feeling of lifting and freshness.








After the Female Inhale, I couldn’t wait to try out the Salarium, or The Salt Room, a room made entirely of the finest Himalayan crystal salt, known as ‘white gold’ for its amazing benefits. It includes elements naturally identical to your body’s. It helps regulate the water content throughout your body, promotes a healthy balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells, promotes blood sugar health and helping to reduce the signs of aging, supports respiratory health, improves sinus health, prevents muscle cramps, promotes bone strength, and regulates your sleep. All you have to do is lay down on the heated water mattress bed and breath!






Finally, it was time for my Swedish massage. I was already so relaxed and de-stressed that the massage came as a perfect compliment to that mood. The treatments area is big, and my masseuse was quite and friendly. Just what I needed at the time.


After the massage, I was escorted to the recovery room for some more relaxation and wellness tea.



And at last, passed by the color therapy room, to make sure my relaxed mood is absolutely intact for the rest of the day, or the week in that matter. You just lay there on the white rocking beds in a blue lit room, and look at the colorful light on the ceiling, and think of nothing.



After I changed back and before I was ready to leave, I passed by the ladies-only gym that is located in the spa. A good space for workout as well as a complete range of machines.



What they also offer in Talise is private suites for couples. Complete with a private entrance, you get to enjoy exclusive quality time with your loved one. They have 2 suites that you could book separately or together. And you can book per hour for a minimum of 2 hours.








They also offer the range of products they use for treatments for you to buy and continue using at home, Nature Bisse, Aromatherapy Associates, and ila, expert labels in their field and carry a great reputation in the skin and aromatherapy industry. I will be making a separate post on Nature Bisse in a couple of weeks after I use the products I got.




To arrange an appointment, please contact Talise Spa:

Tel: +965 226 9688