Contest Time: Posh Fairy Style Consultancy!

Posh Fairy is a service that a friend and I newly launched, offering women in need some fashionable transformations! And helping everyday women look and feel anything but ordinary! providing for the first time in Kuwait, style consultancy, personal styling, personal shopping, wardrobe makeovers, styling parties, and even something for busy moms who need a helping hand revamping their chic mode or dressing their family!

The hand-picked team of ‘Style-Fairies’ is finally here to help guide you through the fashion maze and to solve any style dilemma or last-minute wardrobe crisis you might have. We’ve certainly all been there! Who hasn’t rocked up in the totally wrong outfit at the oh-so-cool party? We’re here to help!

To share the love and spread some style-fairy dust, Posh Fairy is collaborating with the amazing T-Shirt Policy London to give one lucky winner a chance to win a style counseling session by one of our stylists, along with the new cool tee by T-Shirt Policy: Designer Skull (picture below)

This competition is hosted by and it’s ending soon on Thursday 23rd of August 2012. To take part, make sure to visit the link, here.

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– twitter: @posh_fairy
– Instagram: @posh_fairy

A big ‘Thank You’ goes out to Confashions and T-shirt Policy for being such wonderful supporters. And to my fellow blogger, and talented photographer justnoon for taking all the above images of Posh Fairy and bearing the sun and the heat with me with such an open heart.