Fun with Nails Inc.


Remember my recent visit to Vavavoom? They sent us home with some products to try out, and I finally got the chance to start with the first bunch, a selection of three Nails inc. colors with special effects: Glitter, Crackle, and Magnetic.001

Started off with the electric blue glitter, Sapphire; My favorite out of the other 2 because you can play around so much with it. You could wear it with a different color base, Like I tried it here with white




Or you could wear it on its own for nails that stand out! You can even do ombre with it, half-moon, french manicure, you name it! Such a beautiful color to experiment with!


The second color was this hot pink neon crackle effect polish, which I also mixed with a white base.


All you need to do is apply the base color of your choice, then apply one layer on this, and wait for the magic to happen! Super easy!


3rd on the list was the magnetic effect polish, in one of the hottest colors this season: Burgundy. I’ve been hearing about the magnetic polish lately but this was my first time trying it so this was fun. All you need to do is apply the color on your nails like you do with any other color, and place the flat part of the lid on top of it for a couple of seconds, just about 0.5 cm away.


Eh voila! Sweet!



When I was done, I applied the Sapphire again so it stays with me, It still looked good 3 days after when I wanted to remove it. Thank you Vavavoom for the lovely goodies, the quality of the brand seems to be great! Will be looking forward trying more colors.

Nails inc. products are available at all branches of Vavavoom.