Review: Mobrad Nail Spa

A while back, the beautiful Dudette from 7ajiDude organized a ‘Guess Who’s Nails‘ competition for us bloggerettes, and I won!

My prize was a free ‘Signature’ Mani and Pedi treatment at Mobrad Nail Spa! And I FINALLY got the chance to go this week with the crazy schedule that I’ve been having lately.

First impression? Neat! Very details oriented place, with many cute additions everywhere.

They have a huge selection of colors, Essie, OPI, Zoya, POP, Revlon, Sephora, Chanel, and more! No chance you won’t find your color!

They also have many options for treatments; they offer the quickie, the basics, the signatures, the extra special, and the organic treatments.

I took my seat, got my treats, and the pampering started.

I picked the anti-stresser Mobrad signature treatment..iSleep πŸ˜› super relaxing!! Sorry for not taking any pictures during the treatment, but I was enjoying my time with no camera or phone πŸ™‚

Result? Tadaaaa *loved*

I was lucky enough to be the first one trying this color..The new Essie collection started arriving to the place just seconds after I got there..I snatched this one from the box before it even went on the shelf πŸ˜›

The owner of the place, Modhi, happened to be there, and she deserves a big shot out for her sweetness and lovely hospitality..She was kind enough to share Mobrad’s Mother’s Day package with me, which includes:

– Mani + Pedi
– Hammam Zait + Scalp Massage
– Flower Bouquet (In a vase)

So hurry up dolls, now you know what to add to your mothers’ gifts, perfect pampering and cute white flowers, all for for KD 25/-! The last day to place an order is March 18th.

Thank you Dudette and Mobrad for a fun competition and for spoiling me..Enjoyed it and loved it to bits ❀

Mobrad Nail Spa is located at Al Mirqab, Al Soor street, Al Tijariya Tower, Basement, Tel 22968068.


Beauty Spot Exhibition

Yesterday, I couldn’t wait to finish work, get home, change, and go to 360! Since the day I heard about ‘Beauty Spot Expo’ and I really wanted to check it out! I love salons, nail spas, nail stations, spas, beauty products, and any other thing of that kind! So I hit the road, got myself there, and headed straight to the exhibition hall! The entrance screams ‘girly’! With ‘No Men Allowed’ sign, and giant nail polish right at the gate! It says it all πŸ˜‰

My first stop was at Mobrad booth, cute, but too crowded all the time, I had to struggle to get close! Planning to pay them a visit some time soon at their nail spa, located at Al-Tijariya Tower, Al-Mirqab.

Second stop, Hair Station..Liked their ‘Nail Station’ polish color collection..Located in Jabriya.

Now to my ABSOLUTE favorite booth at the exhibition, ‘Pretty Petals’ Nail Spa..will be opening soon after Eid in Jabriya..I Love the name, logo, products, and their paper bags! The girls were super sweet, wish them all the best of luck. Will definitely be trying this one out once they open πŸ™‚

I bought this from them..It’s kinda minx but much easier! All you need to do is wear the sticker on your nail and file the excess! No need for salon, UV, or even heat! Perfect for a quick fix if you’re in a hurry!

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