Pink Coffee: الكويت عطاء من غير مقابل


Event: Danderma’s Coffee Course Graduation Day

As many of you may know, fellow blogger Danderma’s new year’s resolutions included ‘attending a coffee course’! And the people behind Gloria Jean’s Coffees wasted no time! After they saw the list of her resolutions, they contacted Danderma, offering her a proper coffee-making course! Five days long, one hour per session during which she would learn all about coffee!

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending Danderma’s Coffee Course graduation, and trying her delicious hand-made coffee 😉

When I arrived, the seating area of Gloria Jean’s seemed like a lovely living room, with many of my favorite bloggeristas having a great time and sipping the warm coffee prepared by Danderma 😀 It was really cozy!

I chose my drink, and went behind the bar to watch how it was being prepared!

Danderma was super focused and perfecting it to the core!!

Everybody had their name tags ready and waiting for them 🙂

Mine looked really good with the chocolate powder! Thumbs up Dandy!

We all wrote some comments on our experience 😉

And before we even leave, they were already up on the ‘Notice Board’! Yaay!

Congratulations Danderma! The coffee was SUPERB! And Thanks to Gloria Jean’s Coffees for the innovative idea and for the chance to try out coffee prepared by one of our own! 😉

My Life, Decaffeinated!

I went to the doctor beginning of the week to do some tests..It was all going smooth until my doctor decided: ‘I’m putting you off caffeine’!!! WHAT? But WHY?!?! He goes ‘You don’t need it..not one sip of coffee, tea, coke, Pepsi, energy drinks, any other source of caffeine, and not even chocolate!!!!’ 😥

Now for a while I thought it won’t make that big of a difference..I will be as energetic as always..won’t feel tired..I’m young..Ya ya, I know, fooling myself..trying to be cool..And what a HUGE difference it was 😦

The first day, I woke up as grumpy as hell..went to my office, closed my door, and stayed in almost the whole day..Had a sucky attitude with everyone who dared to knock my office door, who called me, and even who sent me an email..Bad bad me 😡 Ordered Maki for lunch just to make up for not having my caffeine, started feeling better after, left work to the gym, and by 10 pm, I was SLEEPY!! Now knowing me, the last thing that I usually would confess, is the time that I feel sleepy..and even when I do, it would be a good couple of hours before I give up and go to bed..This time, I felt it, came back home, didn’t even open my laptop, and off to bed!! Yes, me, at 10 pm!! *facepalm*

Now to be honest, the second day was much better..i’m still soooo sleepy, but I LOVED MY MOOD!! I felt high all day long!! Seriously high on some cool cool supply 😎 Went to work, and was feeling super good, finished and went to the gym, did my dance class, felt even more super, went out with a friend of mine, then spent some quality time with my significant other, AKA hubby..then back home..Slept at around 11:15 pm..Aha Improvement!

Today is the 3rd day..Hope its as good as yesterday..I wouldn’t mind being high again, it was fun..So ya, that’s my life decaffeinated so far..will let you know how it goes.