New at iMax: Great White Shark


Misrepresented, maligned, and misunderstood, The Great White Shark is an iconic predator, the beast we love to fear. This film explores the Great White’s place in our imaginations and in our fears, to find the mythic creature forever stigmatized by its portrayal in the world’s first blockbuster movie, Jaws. This film aims to reveal the strength and beauty of this animal, how it evolved, and the reality of its role at the top of the oceanic food chain. If you’re still wondering what to do on the holidays, you might want to check this out.

Guadalupe 6

Guadalupe 12

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Guadalupe 22

New Zealand 1

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Review: Cinemagics VIP Cinema

Last week was FroYo’s birthday πŸ˜€ So we thought we’ll gather up her friends and go to Cinemagic’s VIP cinema..We got there and the lovely staff, as usual, were expecting us..We waited till everybody arrived..And again, I was the last one to do so πŸ˜›

Got our popcorn & drink, and started the movie..Since it was Froyo’s birthday, she got to choose the movie..And very much expected, a bit of an extreme one I’d say, Apocalypto! I’ll tell you something, if you can’t handle some native bloody scene then this is probably not your cup of tea πŸ˜‰

If you haven’t been to Cinemagics VIP cinema, then you definitely should! The place take up to 12 people, and it’s very cozy and private..You could watch movies, celebrate a special occasion, or even gather up for some Xbox..It’s really fun.

Rami Bedeir, Marketing Manager at Cinemagics, welcomed us, and told us more about their services..Their outdoor screening is starting again very soon πŸ˜€

Thank you Cinemagics, and Rami, for the great hospitality we enjoy every single time πŸ˜€

If you guys wanna experience something new, give them a call on 25720945 or follow @Cinemagics.