Furla Pop Up Store With Bryan Boy


Continuing the successful trend of Furla’s Candy Pop Up Stores opening all over the world, the exclusive concept pop up space has now arrived to the United Arab Emirates in the Dubai Mall. The Candy Pop Up Store will display the Spring/Summer 2014 collection and a limited edition of the iconic bag in four exclusive color variations during the Dubai Shopping Festival, from January 2nd to January 11th. Customers who buy a Furla product will receive an exclusive customized charm free of charge, and between 1 and 2 o’clock in the afternoon on January 2nd and 3rd, visitors to the Pop Up Store will receive a free USB key shaped like a Candy Bag: a true collector’s item.

There will also be plenty of thrills for fashionistas and it-girls who love street-style: on January 10th and 11th, famous blogger Bryan Boy will act as an exclusive Furla personal shopper. Bryan will lend his style advice to Candy Pop Up store customers, assisting them to choose the perfect Furla bag of the season.

FURLA  BAA4 petalo_silver

FURLA  BCA8 petalo_luna

FURLA  BCH7 atlanticc_coffee

FURLA BBM0 luna_silver


FURLA BBZ3 luna_acero

FURLA BBZ3 rugiada

FURLA BBZ3 sole_acero

FURLA BCA9 luna_acero

FURLA BCA8 petalo

FURLA BCA9 petalo

FURLA BCA9 scuro

FURLA BCE3 acero+luna

FURLA CANDY BAS8 alba_sole_luna

FURLA CANDY BAS8 magnolia_verve_luna

FURLA CANDY BBT3 menta_acero

FURLA CANDY BBT3 rugiada_acero

FURLA CANDY BCD6 ink_toni ink

FURLA CANDY BCD6 sole_tonisole

FURLA CANDY BCJ2 magnolia_toni naturali



FURLA PIPER LUX BCE2 rugiada_luna


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