Look Book: Isabel Marant Pour H&M

Creating wearable looks with attitude is Isabel Marant’s straightforward design credo. Her collection for H&M synthesizes this distinctive philosophy: real clothes that capture the moment. Picking up the most beloved and iconic pieces from her career, Marant has put together an eclectic wardrobe of must-have urban staples with trademark Parisian flair. Everything a contemporary woman needs is included, from tees to sweatshirts, from tailored outerwear to dresses, from chunky knits to attractive boots and bohemian accessories. Everything goes with everything because Isabel is convinced that style is all about individual attitude.







For the very first time, Isabel Marant has also created a compact wardrobe for men, which is interspersed with the same multiculti careless vibe of the womenswear. There is precisely-tailored outerwear and heavy-knits; motorbike leather trousers are matched with tie-dye T-shirts; western-style jeans and shirts share room with the iconic hooded sweatshirt. Sporty pieces have an air of vintage Americana.




The same free-mix spirit extends to the teen wardrobe which is a playful edit of its grown-up counterpart, with a stress on prints. Marant sees no real distinction between these two efforts – it’s mostly a matter of sizes. As a designer who first started rebelling against accepted norms as a teenager, it makes perfect sense to her.



The entire collection will launch in stores on November 14th.


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