The Secret to Perfect Brows


Many consider the eyes to be the windows to someone’s soul, so it only makes sense that eyebrows are the window frames! Like any masterpiece, proper framing is imperative, which is why I’m sharing these tips on getting the perfect brows in a snap…

1. Pick your product. For a more natural, groomed look go with a gel, try MAC as they carry different shades of brow gels. To define your shape, opt for a pencil such as Bassam Fattouh’s, this has been my personal favorite for ages, it comes in only one shade though, but you can point the pencil when you want a visible mark and curve it when you want a subtle shade. If you’re after a softer, more natural fill try powder instead. Remember to brush the hair of the eyebrow. It’s always very beautiful to shade smoothly the beginning of the eyebrow and mark define the ending.


2. Choose the right color. It’s always recommended to pick a color that is three shades lighter than your hair color. Or if you’re blonde, two shades darker.


3. Use a spoolie. Regardless of the product you use, it’s important to always use a spoolie. Using one will blur the harsh markings—making your brows appear softer and more natural.


Stay gorgeous!


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