Take a Virtual Tour of The NBK Azimut Yacht

Azimut Yacht EN

Remember the Azimut yacht that NBK are giving away in September as part of their Summer Campaign? Well now you will get to take a tour of the yacht anywhere you are! NBK are so excited to announce the release of the first ever augmented reality done by a bank in Kuwait, exclusively for you!

It’s pretty simple, below is a step by step guide on to how to download the app and take the tour:

1- Download the Khayal application from your App Store or scan the QR code in the attached poster.
2- Open the application and click on ‘Augmented Reality’.
3- Scan the ‘Azimut’ picture in the attached poster (This may take a few seconds).
4- Click on the white Khayal pop up logo that appears on the picture.
5- Rotate your smartphone to see the inside of the Azimut Yacht that could be yours!

For more info about the campaign, check out Instagram hashtag #NBKYacht or ask NBK on Twitter/Instagram on @NBKPage


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