Looshi’s Macarons Now Available for Order in Dubai


Looshi’s, the brain child of Alia AL Alamy, freshly baked macarons that were brought to life at her kitchen. After tasting macarons and thinking to herself, ‘why are they so over-priced?’, Alia went on an adventure of experimenting with macaron creations, and enjoying the experience, she felt eager to create her own brand, which gave birth to Looshi’s; a newly launched home based business in Dubai, currently baking scrumptious macarons with a variety of colors, flavors and designs.

To Alia, Looshi’s is a very fun brand, she enjoys being creative and always favor customizing her product to fit her customer’s desires and to deliver a home experience of deliciously made macarons. Looshi’s provide a lot of unusual flavors like carrot cake, nutella, and date & toffee.

If you’re lucky to be in Dubai, place your order now on 0559160131, and follow them on instagram, here, for updates and mouth-watering images.








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