Alnowair’s #iThank Campaign on The Month of Gratitude‏

It’s been 3 months since Al_Nowair has launch and it already has become one of the most popular and admired initiatives in town! The wonderful reception, the smiles, and the support has made this cause stronger and their beliefs more firm.

Al_Nowair’s newest campaign, which is running during Ramadan, the month of gratitude, is the #iThank campaign. We all have our share of bad days; we can get grumpy, sad or even angry. The trick to survive these days and be more resilient towards them is to be grateful. There are a gazillion reasons for us to be grateful, let’s start from our very own heart, every time our heart beats a miracle happens, every heartbeat thousands of mechanisms fall in the right place to combine and give us life!! Isn’t that reason enough for us to be grateful?

ithank newsletter pic1

Thank you – two words that unite, strengthen friendships, give expression to feelings, and most important two words that help us realize the importance of someone. Life can be busy, it can be fast. It can also be comfortable, easy and endearing. No matter how it turns out we all have someone to help make it all worth it, don’t we? This month let’s take some time off to find these people and tell them how grateful we are to them.

So pull out a piece of paper and write a thank you note or dedicate a post to someone who makes our life better, easier and way much cooler. And let’s mean it from the bottom of our hearts. The #iThank campaign is to remind us, inspire us and encourage us to feel and show gratitude.

ithank newsletter pic2

ithank newsletter pic3

As part of Al_Nowair’s drive to encourage gratitude they will be distributing free #iThank post-its at Caribou Coffee outlets later during the month, the post-its are a quick, cute, creative way of showing our gratitude towards something. It would be awesome if you experiment, go creative and discover your own way of saying thank you through the post-its.


With the simplicity of this campaign, comes the beauty of it. I have been noticing how technology has taken its toll on people, as it does bring people closer, but it also distracts people of the little things in life that matter the most, it takes us away from our family and loved one, even when we are supposedly spending time together. The nature of us humans has changed into a more systematic rather than affectionate, which is why in my opinion, this campaign serves the purpose beautifully during Ramadan, the month of gratitude. Here is the campaign video, giving you some ideas on how you can use your #iThank post-its:


As you can see in the above illustration, the last step on the campagin is to post your gratitude on the Thank You Wall: The iconic bridge at Marina Mall will be transformed for 1 week into the bridge of gratitude. Al_Nowair are building a 50 Meter long wall in the center of the bridge, all of you are welcome to go see it and write something you are thankful for on their #iThank post-its (which will be distributed by the awesome volunteers at the location) and stick them on the wall because positivity sticks!! This will be Kuwait’s largest ever yellow wall of gratitude!!! And it will be up for one week, starting July 14th, until the 20th.

Thank You Wall

ithank newsletter pic4


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