The 5 Travel Essentials From Neutrogena

Whether you’re taking off to a remote paradise island, or you’re headed for some city retail bliss, you want to look your best without packing the entire cabinet. Travelling is about making your beauty routine easy… so pack wisely! Here is a travel kit with 5 beauty essentials from Neutrogena, #1 dermatologist recommended brand, to help you look good, feel relaxed, and lighten your suitcase too!

Neutrogena_ Ultra Sheer Dry Touch SPF 30

Neutrogena® Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 30, 45 & 55

We all know it: harmful UV radiation is the main culprit in causing wrinkles, brown spots, and the accelerated aging of our skin. Sunscreen is the best ally we’ve got! So, don’t leave anywhere without the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen: it is powerful, water-resistant and ultra-light.
It benefits from the dry-touch technology which makes it go on easily and absorbs instantly for an invisible, weightless feel on your skin, plus its oil free formula leaves a non-greasy, matte finish, so your skin is shine free. It’s PABA free and non-comedogenic too.

Neutrogena_Norwegian Formula_Hand Cream

Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula® Concentrated Hand Cream

Here’s a piece of advice that goes a long way: always treat your hands the way you treat your face! Most women end up neglecting their hands. There is no point having a youthful face, if your hands look uncared for and aged. Luckily, Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Hand Cream can still salvage them: it’s long lasting, glycerine-rich and highly concentrated formula noticeably improves the look and feel of your skin, leaving your hands soft and smooth after just one application.

Neutrogena_Norwegian Formula_Lipcare

Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula® Lip Care

Dry, chapped lips seems to be a chronic condition for most women, and that’s because lips are the most delicate part of our face and they need special care. Keep Neutrogena’s lip moisturiser handy and apply it frequently throughout the day. Its moisture-enriched formula soothes and conditions your lips, keeping them healthy-looking and soft.

Neutrogena_Norwegian Formula_Foot Cream

Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula® Foot Cream

Your feet cover a lot of ground, literally. At the end of the day they need prompt relief! Thanks to its concentrated and dermatologist-tested formula, Neutrogena’s foot cream moisturises and softens for more than 17 hours, so that your feet feel noticeably softer and smoother.

Neutrogena_Deep Clean Makeup Remover wipes

Neutrogena® Deep Clean Makeup Remover Wipes

After a long, hectic day there’s nothing that you‘re more grateful for than Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Makeup Remover Wipes. With one step, these ultra-soft, pre-moistened wipes effectively and gently sweep away makeup, dirt and oil leaving skin thoroughly clean. There’s no residue behind and no need to rinse! Clinically proven to remove as much as 99.3% of our most stubborn makeup, even waterproof mascara, this patented formula is as gentle as water to the eyes. Definitely one of life’s little conveniences and a must for your travel beauty kit!

Neutrogena® product range is available in pharmacies and supermarkets across Kuwait & UAE.


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