Josephine de La Baume in H&M Summer Looks

When actress, singer and model Josephine de La Baume was asked to make her pick of the key Summer looks at H&M, it was all about the mix. She matched the season’s key white lace dress with black flats and black sunglasses, or toughened her look by wearing a zip-up biker over Ikat print top and skirt with white heels. Josephine’s other key pieces include a denim dress, a velvet trimmed utility jacket, an animal print skirt and this summer’s essential straw hat.

“I love renewing my summer wardrobe at H&M. I’m always more interested in pieces that tell a story, which I can put together to create my own personal look. I’m usually a tomboy, but in summer I’m reborn a woman, and always go for dresses and flowery prints. My favourite accessory of the season is the straw hat, very French, very 50s, and perfect for right now”, says Josephine.


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