Group Photo

We are only a few days away from the Kenzo opening in The Avenues Mall. As you may have noticed, the buzz for the event kicked off last week with the #KuwaitRocksKenzo campaign organized by no other than Noaf Hussein of PLT. For it, she chose 6 girls who she felt embodied the Kenzo spirit, asked each of them to style themselves from the Spring/Summer collection and pose for a few quick photos by MeBlogging.

The 6 girls posing for the campaign in the above photo were

Sherifa Al Roumi, also known as SNR Jewels, a jewelry blogger.
Yalda Golsharifi and Fajer Al Awadhi, founders of local label Bohemiah
Noha Al Roumi, founder and designer of local label NohaNoor
Afrah Bouhamra, a financial analyst with impeccable taste
Dalal Al Hajeri, Marie Claire Kuwait’s style spotter

Join the buzz of the town, and show them how you rock your Kenzo by posting an image to Instagram and using the hashtag #KuwaitRocksKenzo!

02 JER_0034

06 JER_0111

07 JER_0135

10 JER_0191

13 JER_0257

16 JER_0325

30 JER_0590

32 JER_0636

34 JER_0676

Pass by Kenzo at The Avenues this weekend to indulge in their women’s wear Spring/Summer collection and enjoy the vibrant colors, and put your hands on those infamous coveted tiger tees and sweaters!


2 thoughts on “#KuwaitRocksKenzo

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