H&M & Mentor Arabia Promoting the Prevention of Drug Abuse

H&M_Mentor Arabia

H&M Middle East just announced a collaboration with Mentor Arabia to promote the prevention of drug abuse in a T-shirt slogan competition!

The competition will be held on Mentor Arabia’s Facebook page, between the dates February 18-28, to encourage young people to express what keeps them motivated and drug free, now and in the future. The winning anti-drug slogan will be featured and produced on a cool T-shirt designed by H&M.

These one-off T-shirts, for both men and women, will be sold in the H&M store in Grand Avenue – The Avenues, Kuwait in April this year. The T-shirts will retail for 4.900KD and 50% of the sale proceeds will be donated to the work of Mentor Arabia. The first place winner will also receive a 500 KD gift voucher from H&M.

These H&M and Mentor Arabia T-shirts will communicate an important message about drug prevention and provide an engaging and creative way for youth to express themselves in regards to this issue and help influence their peers to develop healthy and positive lifestyles.

The second place winner will receive a 300KD gift voucher from H&M. The third place winner will receive a 150KD gift voucher from H&M.

To participate, visit the competition facebook application link, here.


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