Late Lunch @Triangle


Was invited to try out K-town’s new IT restaurant, and I’m soooo happy I was able to make it! The food is out-of-this-world YUM!


As soon as we got there, we were greeted by the super friendly marketing executive, Aruba; although it was too cold but we couldn’t resist picking a table outside; we were seated and the lovely Aruba took us through their iPad menu and helped us choose our order.


We started off with the appetizers of course, rocca salad, Italian nachos, and chicken wings; I’m generally not big on nachos, but this was really good!



Koozie fries were sooo good in the cold weather, I’m craving them right now while typing!


Steak bites! Loved this dish, it’s so soft and tender, and tastes SO GOOD! One of my favorite orders!


Mushroom Trigono, cheesy mushroom, and onion rings; I’m such a sucker for mushroom, I love everything about it, and I almost add it to everything I make! If not in pieces, then in sauce! The mushroom Trigono (the heavenly triangles on the left below) are an absolute delight! I’ve never had mushroom in such a way, and I l.o.v.e.d it!



Moving to our main dishes, we had pesto and mini burgers; the pesto tastes so fresh with a vibrant basil after-taste


They have nine different types of mini burgers! We tried ‘heavy’ and ‘tenderloin’, and they were both very good. We were kinda full by now already, and the mini burgers looked generously big to us! If you plan on ordering several dishes, make sure you go for the mini burgers and not the regular-sized so you don’t end up with more food than you could eat.




And that was lunch! Hungry yet? If not, scroll down for dessert!


Nutella bread pudding, it’s good but I’m not too much of a chocolate person so it’s a bit too chocolate-y for my taste


Bread pudding, Y.U.M! My kind of dessert! So perfect with hot chocolate and a heater! Yum!0016


Before we were ready to leave, a waiter comes to us and asks us to try their cheesecake, bring it along! We were already so full, but had to taste this beauty, and just like everything else, it was a hit!



If you haven’t tried Triangle yet, you must! Very refreshing atmosphere and seriously good food! Check out the rest of their menu, here, and find their location map below:

salhiya location


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