Zain Great Idea Calling for applicants


Zain Great Idea is a corporate social responsibility program established by Zain and associated with IE Business School in Madrid, and Brilliant Lab (a Startup Accelerator Services from Kuwait). The main aim of the program is to educate and nurture local Kuwaiti entrepreneurs in vital areas of their businesses. The duration of the program is 6-9 months, and is specialized for entrepreneurs who are looking to establish their startup businesses and those who wish to accelerate their business plan with international standards.

The Zain Great Idea program is based on 6 simple stages:

Stage 1: Registration Period
Stage 2: Filtration Period
Stage 3: Selection Period
Stage 4: Venture Lab Program – Madrid, Spain
Stage 5: Solidifying your business plan with Brilliant Lab
Stage 6: Zain Demo Day

To submit an idea or get more information, click here


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