Zain Telecom Cute Sentimental Gift


I’m gonna start by saying that I’m not the type of person who is easily impressed or touched by a present! On the contrary, I’m very picky and I hardly like any gift that I receive! Now, when I gave birth to my first baby 8 weeks ago, I got a whole bunch of baby stuff that I ended up getting rid of most of them, no offense to anyone, but I just have a very specific taste in things, and even more when it comes to my baby!

However, when I received this cute something from Zain Telecom, I was swept away! The most adorable personalized set of blankets, towels, and a little sofa for my little one! Unbelievably thoughtful! And it’s exactly how I like my baby’s stuff to be, blue and plain, no color overdose, silly prints, or a whole bunch of characters! Just classy, elegant, and full of love!









Thank you Zain, you prove to be the best every single time, baby Yousef and I loved it to the tiniest bit!


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