@MeliMeloKw: A Japanese Cuisine

Meli Melo has recently reopened their restaurant and they were nice enough to invite me with 3 of my friends to try it out! First impression? Cozy little place with such cute reviving interiors and very friendly staff.



Though the place is small, but it was screaming statement thru every-inch! This gorgeous city landscape was covering the ceiling! Refreshing, isn’t it?





Now let’s talk food, shall we? Started with this soup, Crab Corn soup if I remember the name correctly, delish! Loved every ingredient, it’s perfect for a cold winter, need to slow down on the salt just a tad though.


Second dish, one of the chef’s recommendations, the OBQ salad! This was our favorite of everything we had! Finished it to the last bite!


The Jerry Dan salad; lolo rosa letuce, cucumber, red cabbage, red and yellow bell pepper, wasabi cashew nuts, and dried cranberry in a Japanese dressing; had a little bit of everything basically. A bit too exotic for my taste.


Need I say, Edamame love!


Shrimp Tempura was great too


Moving on to the main dishes, started with the Meli Melo maki; sweet potato tempura, pumpkin, spicy mayo, crunchy flakes, mix of cheeses, and beef teriyaki. It tasted really good, but also kinda fattening.


Kuwaiti Maki; kani tempura, shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado in japanese sauce; YUM!


Chicken Katso Maki; Katsu chicken, spring onion, mayo, with bulldog sauce rolled in sesame seeds; this was almost everybody’s favorite.


One of my friends didn’t like what we ordered, and asked the chef for more of a ‘customized’ maki, the chef was nice enough to make it and name it after her: Sofia maki! It was GOOD!



And that’s a wrap! Thank you Meli Melo for the invite, we had a lovely evening with great food and and super friendly staff; will definitely be visiting again.

Meli Melo is located in Al Shaeb, behind Pineapple gym. View their full menu, here.


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