The Body Shop New Fragrances

The Body Shop has always been one of my favorite stores, I love trying out their new products, every time I hear of a new collection or read a good review on something I didn’t try yet, I can’t wait to give it a try!

The latest thing I got the chance to try is a couple of their new fragrances; Japanese Cherry Blossom eau de toilette and Madagascan Vanilla Flower fragrance mist, both from the Scents Of The World Collection.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom smells sophisticatedly sweet and warm, with a blend of floral and woody accords. I personally like it after it’s been on my skin for a little bit, and it has such a beautiful scent to it. It’s attractive and definitely great for women who like sweet floral woody fragrances.

Top Note: A delicate blend of fuji apple and magnolia
Middle Note: Star jasmine and cherry blossom
Base Note: Sandalwood and Hinoki woods

The Madagascan Vanilla Flower is a bit of a lighter effect; you can spritz all over your body after bathing or showering and you would need to top it up throughout the day to keep the smell going. It’s a warm and sensual blend of floral and oriental accords. It’s perfect if you like delicate, candy-coated, and delightful scents.

The Body Shop is located in Marina Mall, Al Fanar Mall, The Avenues, and several co-ops.


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