A Local Talent: Fashion Illustrator Notsi Haloola

I love talented people! Specially those who come with a talent I wish I had! And one talent that attracted my attention lately, as well as many others’, is local fashion illustrator, Notsi Haloola. The girl is gifted! she’s been popping up everywhere and she deserves definitely it, I saw her work the first time when she followed me on Instagram, and started noticing her more when she comments on my photos, and one day I was browsing the internet and I see her name as the 1st runner-up at #MyFozazaDream and I realize, this girl is going places!

I emailed her to know more, and here’s what she had to say:

I used to sketch since I was like 4! And won lots of drawing contests; at age 17 I won 2nd place in SASH designing contest, then after that I stopped! I recently started again after seeing Mia Al Maktoum’s designing contest ad on her blog & winning 1st place!

Since then, she’s been getting more active working hard on her sketches for celebrities and fashion, and getting some cool mentions:

Her latest project is a collaboration with tshirtpolicy! She’s illustrated a few designs exclusively for them which are being printed, and coming to us on stands very soon!

This girl is keeping busy for sure! and spreading around widely! Her goal is to work with a magazine or on a project where she gets to sketch fashion away!

To know more about Notsi, follow her on instagram: @notsiz, and stay tuned for the latest updates on the #MyFozazaDream and tshirtpolicy collaboration results!


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