Official Puma Retail Store Opening In Al Hamra Luxury Center

I was invited by Ghaliah Technology to the opening of the first official Puma retail store in Al-Hamra Luxury Center. The store is spacious and they are carrying multiple collections for men, women, and kids.

The men’s collection is their biggest; they have something for every sport lover, football, basketball, running, and even motor-sports.

The women’s collection is kind of small. But the good thing that I usually take advantage of in sportswear stores is that you can always rock a pair of shoes from the men’s collection.

Loved these trendy wedge sneakers

British/Turkish fashion designer and Puma Creative Director, Hussein Chalayan Black Label Collection, is available too! and it features some super stylish pieces with an urban-swift twist.

Usain Bolt, the man with the fastest moves now has a wardrobe to match, and it’s also available at the store, ready to be styled.

Look closely at the top and the pants one of Puma staff was wearing, cool isn’t it? well, it’s the same piece! You play around with the buttons and your top becomes your pants! Super cool!

Moving on to what I enjoyed the most, The Creative Factory. We had the option of choosing 1 out of 3 sneakers for a complete customizing experience! LOVED!

Took my pick and started playing around with samples of fabrics, colors, leathers, and whatever can cross your mind while thinking of sneakers.


Voila! Love love love my sneakers..Will be receiving it in about 6 weeks. Yay!

Thank you Puma and Ghaliah Technology for the invitation, loved the store, and enjoyed my time; will be definitely making more visits whenever I need an addition to my sportswear wardrobe!

Puma is located at Al Hamra Luxury Center, Beside Shoebox.


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