Topshop Marina Mall Opening Event

I was invited to this weeks opening of Topshop Marina Mall, and oh boy! Found myself in fashion lala land! The store is huge! The biggest Topshop in Kuwait by far, and it’s packed with amazing items and all sorts of hot trends of the season!

I love peplum. in all colors, shapes, and ways! I think it’s absolutely feminine and very flattering. you can dress it up or tone it down, but it’d guarantee a great polished look.

Casual wear at Topshop has always topped the stylish charts. It’s comfy, cool, and hip.

Denim section has also grown in size and variety. Different cuts and colors to suit all tastes.

The lovely staff at Topshop gave us personalized tags to place on our favorite piece in the store for shoppers to see through the opening eve. Mine said ‘The Side Talk Blog Loves’ and since it was impossible to choose just one favorite, I went with this peplum dress because of how many things you could do with it. It’d look great with statement accessories, or with leather jacket and boots, and so many other looks to experiment with.

Topshop’s infamous violent lips had to be there

Makeup wonderland

The gorgeous accessories stand at Topshop is always a destination when looking to make a statement! I love their collection, it’s fierce and trendy, and always eye-catching.

Now, moving on to my favorite part, that’s when I died and woke up in shoes heaven! literally! Their shoe closet is out-of-this-world! I LOVE IT!

An exciting addition is ‘Topshop Personal Shopper’ lounge; available only at the Marina Mall store, you can now book you appointment for free and enjoy the season’s hottest looks. It’s a perfect time-saver; you’ll be able to reserve key pieces, receive invites to exclusive previews, and it’s free of charge!

Topshop’s personal shopper, Hannah, prepared a little personalized scavenger hunt game for us, my hint said ‘I’m very delicate, but I’m the Cobra queen’, we had to find the item that fits the description and if we do, we get to keep it.

First attempt: those earrings. Well, failed ๐Ÿ˜•

Second attempt: this skirt, and it was a keeper!

Food and pass arounds also came in style to compliment the ambiance; very royal and foggy.

Thank you so much Topshop for a fun evening full of style and lovely people. Had a blast.


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