Service Hero: Vote Now + Help Spread the Word

Service Hero is the Arab World’s only 100% consumer-driven customer satisfaction index. Their voting platform empowers consumers like you to rate the service quality of places you visit, like your bank, café, mobile operator and car garage. Your votes tell companies their strengths and weaknesses and how they compare with competitors. Your votes also provide industry averages and an overall country average which can be compared on a global scale.

Help Them make a difference in customer service in Kuwait! They need customers to start voting on the services they are getting from companies. Only a handful of companies have paid extra attention to customer service and taken the extra step in embedding it within their values. Many companies are also making excuses for their poor customer service. The more votes, the more companies are forced to listen. The survey is running till December 31. It’s easy and fast. Vote now and help spread the word!

For updates and news on Service Hero, follow them on Twitter @ServiceHeroKW.


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