PLT Event: Judith Leiber X Razan Al Azzouni

Another PLT, and another evening full of style and pretty little things. PLT’s Judith Leiber X Razan Al Azzouni was hosted at Gallery 220 two days ago and was a true fashion night out! Not only it marked the beginning of a charitable affiliation, it also marked the debut of Judith Leiber’s Fall 2012 collection in the Middle East. Renowned American handbag designer Judith Leiber has teamed up with Saudi Arabian label Threads by Razan Alazzouni to produce an exclusive collection of clothing and bags to benefit children’s charities in the region.

Judith Leiber has, for decades, ruled the world of high fashion handbags, with each bag regarded as a unique work of art. Her pieces are beautiful and dazzling. Pure joy to hold!

Something special from Judith Leiber was the concept for the Children’s Art Bag; a unique personalized bag with a replica of a child’s art work in Austrian Crystals. This concept follows in the Judith Leiber tradition of art and design at its best, keeping alive the sentiments and talents of the children, by creating a priceless family heirloom.

Moving on to Razan Alazzouni’s yet another great collection, beautiful fabrics, feminine sparkle, and flattering designs, what more would a girl ask for!

The cute set up was a collaborative effort with The House of Etiquette

(picture above via PLTQ8)

And Khaleejesque Magazine was the media sponsor.

PlT’s Noaf Hussein was looking as adorable as ever ❤ Have I mentioned how I love this girl and her pretty little talents?

(picture above via PLTQ8)

And finally, what I wore to the event 🙂

(picture above via PLTQ8)

For more information or to place an order, follow the links: Razan Al Azzouni, Judith Leiber, and PLTQ8.


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