L’occitane Re-opens The Avenues Boutique

This week I was invited to attend the re-opening of L’occitane boutique at The Avenues, in their same location opposite Baroue. Now, I love L’occitane and I always have to be using at least one of their products. They’ve got something for every skin, every need, and every mood. Their packaging is so convenient and everything smells heavenly, and their store always gives me a feeling of refreshing suburbs!

Got to the store, and of course it was all in the cute little details, stacks of flowers and lavender everywhere, a violinist, and a section to personalize the perfume bottles you buy with anything you want to draw or write.

The event also marked the launch of their new, rose based, collection Rose Des Champs, it comes in Eau de toilette and the cutest solid perfume charms, super cool to keep in your little clutch.

If you’re looking for any sort of skin care products, I’d say you need to visit L’occitane for an always pleasant experience.


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