Guest Writer Post: Trujillo Villas, Time & Leisure

When it comes to Trujillo, not telling people about its beauty and stylish communities of people is almost a crime. Imagine, if you will…There’s the heavy scent of olives, honey, and cheese. The warm Spanish sun caresses your skin… There’s music in the distance, joyful cries of happiness. The rhythm of the fiesta gets to you. There are fashionable people around you. This is Trujillo, a Spanish land where the rural blends with the modern in a way that should be made known to as many people as possible. However, Trujillo still remains one of Spain’s cultural hidden gems! When it comes to leisure combined with fashion, style and culture, Trujillo is probably the finest place to embrace it all.

Yes, holiday season is almost here, but for Trujillo, you do not need to visit during a particular time of the year. You can enjoy its wholesome goodness whenever like – all year round.

Imagine yourself opening the windows of a room that overlooks the Gredos Mountains and Portugal. Spacious bedrooms, serenity, a garden with a roof made of succulent leaves and a private swimming pool with a natural decor that is absolutely amazing. This is Villa Moritos.

Built in Roman times, Villa Martires has sumptuous interior decors and large formal gardens. There is a huge swimming pool and a tennis court which makes it an ideal location for those who want to have a bit of fun as well. And if you are not an artist in the sense of mastering the brush, do not worry…the artist is still there, trapped in yourself. Pamper this artist by choosing a modern and stylish villa, designed as an open plan space. The whiteness and elegance of the indoors makes a perfect equilibrium with the olive trees garden.

Why not rent a villa right in the centre of events? Overlooking the main square, right there in the centre of events, Villa Piedras Albas imposes its Renaissance architecture. The grand main square features an imposing statue of Francisco Pizarro – the conquistador who conquered Peru. Over the centuries the square has witnessed love stories, uprisings, peace, time…past, present, and future. There are Easter processions and cheese festivals, and grand liberation celebrations! And one minute walk from the town’s main square with its shops and restaurants, there is the Townhouse, an ideal choice for a younger couple or small group of friends.

But on top of the villas there is simply Trujillo, once the home of the fearless conquistadors, it is now the home of welcoming locals and the destination for amazed tourists. You can also get a feeling of how it is to live close to Madrid, with its charm of fashionistas and designers walking around.

Many people from the Trujillo area can be seen wearing fashionable clothes and enjoying themselves in the sun. “The place is inhabited by some of the world’s most attractive and stylish people who carry themselves with poise and elegance”. On Trujillo streets you can find a diversity of looks – from casual to extraordinary creations. Spain is home to creativity and freedom – there are many Spanish designers to admire for unique colour schemes and original ideas, Amaya Arzuaga or Manolo Blahnik to name just a couple.

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