Playtime – Waqt Al La’ab

After his mother leaves him alone one night, an expat boy ventures out to find her with the help of a Kuwaiti teen who lives next door.


Playtime is a short film about Matthew, a 10-year-old expatriate who’s just moved to Kuwait with his single mother, whose just been hired for a post at an American Army Base. One night, after his mother leaves him alone for the first time, he escapes to track her down. Instead, he quickly crosses paths with Dalal, a teenage Kuwaiti girl who lives next door. Fearing a second abandonment, Matthew convinces her to help him find his mother.


For those of you who do not know me, I am Hamad Al-Tourah, an Arab-American filmmaker based in Kuwait. When I sat down to write a script set in Kuwait, I couldn’t help but write one that depicted not only Arabs, but also centered around expat communities in the country.

I want to make a film in the Middle East that more honestly showcases its unique cosmopolitan society, rather than cling stubbornly to a construction of ‘exotic Arabness’. Instead, by illustrating the relationships between Americans and Kuwaitis, I want to point to some of the more acute social implications of the American presence here. Individuals from both cultures begin to mingle as they explore each other with child-like curiosity. Dalal and Matthew both deal with a similar sense of loneliness and, exploring the Kuwaiti landscape together, they learn that there is no place quite like the homes they have in Kuwait.


Professional equipment in Kuwait comes in limited amount and is therefore slightly more expensive. So, all funds donated via Indiegogo will be used solely to cover those equipment costs. Your contribution will go directly to the physical production. A contribution you can literally see.

If you are in Kuwait, your donation can also get you a debut on the big screen and some one-on-one time with the director and his sister, Chef Danna Al-Tourah of Tatami, in the kitchen. Get the actors treatment or enjoy an afternoon with a friend in the kitchen. We want to make sure that you know how much we appreciate your efforts not with just an online thank you, but in person.

If you are not in Kuwait, you can still get personalized perks. Once donation period has ended, the director will personally go out in Kuwait to hand-pick something for you, along with a personalized, handwritten thank you from the cast and crew. Next time I’m around your parts of the world, lets arrange to meet up and see the film together.

Not only that, but get a piece of Kuwait history. Brett Jordan, a former Kuwait Expat whose photos have inspired the look of the film, has agreed to allow us to print his original photography from Old Kuwait on postcards. You’ll receive a set of three postcards of Old Kuwait that have been otherwise lost.


For anyone who can’t help financially, please take the time to tell someone about the project or post it to friends who you think might be interested in donating.

For more information or to make a contribution, click here.


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