Opportunity for Artists Residing in Kuwait

The British Council and Contemporary Art Platform Kuwait, in partnership with the National Council for Arts and Letters, are pleased to announce Landscapes Expanded, a month-long residency programme that aims to support artists from different backgrounds to explore landscape art in their own practice.

The exhibition Out of Britain explores one hundred years of British landscape and examines the ways in which artists have engaged with landscape and addressed timeless and fundamental questions about man’s place in the world. The works in the show illustrate individual artist’s attempts to find their place among an ever-changing environment where they are often driven to challenge traditional ways of interpreting and framing the landscape.

Landscapes Expanded will support artists to explore contemporary issues intrinsically related to site, space, and place in their field of work. The residency will begin with a three-day workshop that will support artists to develop concepts for their research in the weeks that follow. Throughout the programme participants will benefit from group and individual reviews of their work and guidance from the residency facilitator and visiting contributors.

The residency programme will be led by artist and curator Alia Farid Abdal, who explores personal perspectives of public space and constructed landscapes in her own art work and academic research. The program will also benefit from insightful contributions from visiting artists and art critics such as British Artist David Rayson, whose work is featured in Out of Britain. Rayson is currently the Professor of Painting at the Royal College of Art, London.

Participants’ work produced during the residency programme will be exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMArt Kuwait) at the end of October 2012. Chosen works may also be exhibited at a British Council Visual Arts exhibition that will showcase artists from the Gulf at the Brunei Gallery in London in 2015.


– This residency is open to practicing artists and creative practitioners (from all disciplines) who are keen to develop the concepts of landscape art in their practice.
– Applicants must reside in Kuwait.
– Applicants must commit to participate in a three-day workshop (18th – 20th September 2012) and closing presentation, which will take place on 18th October 2012.
– The workshops will be hosted in English, however translators will be available should they be required.


E-mail the following (in English or Arabic) to nadia.elsebai@britishcouncil.org

– Artist C.V.
– Up to 10 images of your work with an appendix stating the title, medium, and year the work was executed.
– A statement of intent (up to 500 words) explaining why you are applying to the programme and what you hope to obtain from it. Briefly state what themes you are interested to explore during the residency program.

Deadline: 9th September 2012 (10am)

Large images will have to be submitted via http://www.wetransfer.com or any other host site in which your images can be downloaded directly. Alternatively, you may wish to submit a link to your work online. For videos, provide links of uploaded material either on YouTube or vimeo.


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