Review: Mosbah Zain Play

Just like last year, and on the occasion of Eid Al Feter, I was invited by Zain to an exclusive show of their play: Mosbah Zain. I must say, when I first got the invitation I was really excited, and hoped it would be as good as last year’s, and to my surprise, it was!

Wonderful use of Arabic language, fun characters, big smiles, colors all over the place, happy music, and great values to teach your kids! Starring Shojoon, Fatima Al Safi, Hamad Ashkanani and many more stars, we spent about an hour and a half of sheer musical wonder! I love how Zain are excelling year by year with their involvement within the community. Planting little seeds of happiness through every ad or initiative they are making, which makes it one of the very few taking that lead! Way to go Zain!

For tickets or more information on Mosbah Zain Play, call 90007773/4


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