Support #Pumps4Kids @BSCorg

Businesses Supporting Charities (BSC), a non-profit organization, advocating great causes & initiatives to help raise awareness in our community by bridging the gap between businesses and charities/causes to ensure that help is provided to people in need.

BSC’s current initiative was teaming up with Kuwait Red Crescent Society & Dasman Diabetes Institute for the first campaign raising awareness, donations, and funds for insulin pumps needed for children with Type I diabetes in Kuwait โ€“ the campaign created a hashtag #pumps4kids for discussion and support.

How can you support? Spread the word to your family and friends, follow the discussions #pumps4kids, engage, retweet, broadcast, and donate even if with the smallest amount (KD 1) by sending a text message to your local network provider (Send D to 99935 if you’re a Zain user, or D to 1922 if you’re a Wataniya user).

For more, follow them on Twitter @BSCorg โ€“ Instagram @bscorgkw โ€“ Discussion #pumps4kids –


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