Egyptian Olympians to Wear Fake Nike and Adidas!

Egyptian Olympic team officials found themselves at the centre of an embarrassing fiasco involving their athletes and fake Nike team uniforms! Egypt’s country’s committee chairman, General Mahmoud Ahmed Ali told the Press, “we signed with a Chinese distributor in light of Egypt’s economic situation,” who sent him the counterfeit merchandise, including bags with “large Nike logos on the front, but the zippers have ‘Adidas’ written on them.” Two brands for less than the price of one!

Participating synchronised swimmer Yomna Khallaf tweeted how she had been given a series of crude knock-offs in her team clothing kit! And she also claimed she was forced to spend about $300 of her own money to buy genuine Nike gear after members of the Egyptian Olympic Committee in Egypt told her to take the gear or go without!

Yesterday, two days after the incident broke out, Nike announced it was donating gear to the Egyptian athletes! Seriously, Egypt?!


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