Solo Churros Bloggers’ Event

Solo Churros, the newly launched Spanish Sweets Shop, invited a number of bloggers to try out their specialties, and boy! Those babies are good!!! Really really good!

We kicked it off with some refreshments and then went straight ahead to the serious stuff!

The classic/original churros with hot chocolate, white chocolate, and raspberry chocolate dip, YUM!

Second on the menu were the ramadan flavors: rahash with chocolate, orange blossom, saffron, saffron with dates, dates with sharia and nuts, dates with caramel, oreo cheesecake. What can I say!! I could NOT stop!

And to top it all, we had a hot chocolate shot on the go before leaving! Sugar overdose BIG time!

Thank you Solo Churros for a super ‘sweet’ evening! Didn’t know how yummy those goodies are, and now I’m addicted! Wish you all the best.

Solo Churros is located at Burj Jassim, Mirqab, alsoor street, Ground floor. Make sure you try their sweets, they are worth every calorie! Follow them on Instagram @Solochurros.


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