Event: Zain’s Social Media Day 2012

This post was supposed to be up about a week ago, but I’ve been having technical problems uploading pics from my camera, and hence, the delay!

Now you most probably have seen the coverage of this event on many other blogs; Zain celebrating Social Media Day with bloggers & social media activists in k town, and it was a hit! Held in the Sky Lobby on the 55th floor of Al Hamra Tower – Great place and wonderful vibes!

Hosted by one of my favorite bloggers/tv hosts/social media activists, Omar Al Othman, who added a witty & fun mood to he whole evening.

After he welcomed us to kick-start the program of the night, we had the pleasure of listening to some of the most successful small business owners who used the social media, beside her incredible talent, to spread her business and get out there! and boy, did she not!! Fatima Al Othman of F2O, a great example for small business owners.

Actor Yagoub Al Abdulla also shared the secrets behind his very active and succesful twitter page.

Ali Mubarak had a video recorded specially for the event; very light and funny

And last, but not least, Mohammed AL-Muhaini from Zain, gave a short speech about the event and how it took them one whole month to put it together! Great effort showed off big time!

The closing of the evening was just perfect! Stand up comedy by Kuwaiti crew ‘Shino Ya3ni’ was hilarious!! The whole crowed was laughing out loud! It was definitely one of the best stand up comedies I’ve seen! Loved those guys!

And it was a wrap! Thank you Zain for always being the number one and making each event even better than the year before! Wonderful team and great initiatives!

On a side note, the catering of the event was done by a number of Kuwaiti small businesses throughout the evening! Another great way from Zain to show support and to the local efforts of the youth. Way to go!


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