Review: Shawarma Shwaikh

The other day, PinkGirlQ8, FroyoNation, and I, had some free time on our hands so we decided to drop by Shawarma Shwaikh. First impression? Crowded! we waited in the car for a while before we got the chance to go in.

The interior is cute and very well-arranged considering the size of the place; I certainly imagined something bigger.

Got my hands on the menu, and everything in there sounded so good, we decided to order 4 sandwiches and share.

Got our orders, and started eating in the car! Hehe, that’s how good the smell was!

We started with Bo Khalil, it was one of my 2 favorites. Very yummy and you can feel the taste of everything in it. Highly recommended.

Then, Bint Shuwaikh and Om Al Roman, They were both good, but Om Al Roman was my 2nd favorite! I’m craving it again while writing this post 😕

Last one was Shawarma 1961, Didn’t notice it said ‘Chilli Ranche Sauce’ in the menu when we ordered. I don’t like anything spicy, so took one bite only. But judging with my very little experience, I think people who prefer ‘spicy’ would definitely like it.

Shawarma Shwaikh is located near Shwaikh Co-op. Follow them @ShawarmaShwaikh and make sure to give them a visit soon.


5 thoughts on “Review: Shawarma Shwaikh

  1. The pictures look so good, everyone has been telling me about it, I really gota pass by it soon! A Big Fan of Shawerma’s !

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