When Freedom of Speech Goes Wrong..

I heard about this twitter account originating from Kuwait by what calls herself (Fatima Al Jahra’a) calling for an atheist future and challenging the existence of God.

The story might sound repeated and the idea was copied by several I’ve heard of. Though I spent a good amount of time going through her tweets and her answers, and her interactions with other tweeps. To me, it’s clear she’s seeking some sort of bizarre attention, but it makes you wonder, what would be the purpose of using such a topic to get famous? How old could she be? And what kind of background does she have? Coming from ‘Jahra’ one of the most conservative areas in Kuwait.

Her statements are very contradicting, and her profile pictures says ‘Thank God I’m an Atheist’. She does not attack Islam per say, but any religion who believes in God or some sort of worshiped symbol.

When I first heard of it, I was being asked to report the account and help block it, and it made me think, aren’t we at the time when most of us the new generations are calling for ‘freedom of speech’? well, here’s an example of a living case. Can we handle it? Or do we stop when we hear something that is not to our liking?

For me, believe it or not, I was never a believer in such a case..At least not when it comes to speaking of certain topics. I believe when your opinion starts offending the other it does not become your freedom to speak anymore! Not in the sort where you don’t care or you have no purpose, unless they could retaliate, an eye for an eye, isn’t it?

I’d rather be sitting with a group of people and discussing whatever we want with reason and respect. But going public for no purpose like that is not something I’d support. I ended up reporting the account, hoping it would work and be removed.

Take a look at some of what’s being said, or visit the Fatima Al Jahra’a on twitter to see more. Would you report it? or are you a true supporter of ‘Freedom of speech’ no matter how far it goes?


7 thoughts on “When Freedom of Speech Goes Wrong..

  1. everyone is free to believe whatever gives him/her inner peace. no need for her to disrespect or prove a point.
    I wouldn’t give her the joy of publicity.

  2. If we stopped speaking simply because our words offended others, than there would be no changes in this world. So many freedoms and religions would not exist. Ideas would be stiffed, people would be silenced. Speaking to offend is as needed as speaking to come together.

  3. like you i waZ wondering whether i should report this account or not with Freedom of Speech in concern. then it hit me!

    do i have the right to ridicule anyoneZ believeZ not to mention, faith? i dont. why? becauZe Freedom of Speech -aZ a concept- includeZ the freedom to share information and express points of view without insulting the oppoZite. Freedom of Speech applieZ ONLY on discussion NOT verbal abuZe, which iZ exactly what this person iZ doing.

    i reported the account aZ spam. i called 112 n they, kindly, forward me to the investigation department. According to them, its a He not a She n they live abroad (didnt specify where) n that they have communicated with the authoritieZ to shut down the account.

    i sent him/her a tweet telling them our belief iZ our choice just like they have choZe not to believe. i also told them that what they are doing iZ non ethical and iZ punished by law. but i still wanna punch them in the face!

  4. i was shocked when i saw her tweets, i pitty her. she doesn’t know what kind of punishment is waiting for her, she actually loving the attention she’s getting. she’s enjoying that everyone is pissed at her. everyone should ignore her and act as if she didn’t exist. I’m just wondering why she don’t write her real name? such a coward

  5. Good evening,
    I found this article very interesting as it is THE most famous subject that gives freedom of speech a run for its money.Religion.
    I personally support freedom of speech all the way but as like everything else in life you ought to be extra cautious about you say and really weigh out the consequences yet to come from what comes out of your mouth. What’s the point of saying something if all of what comes after is chaos & hatred.
    Listen I’m not racist, nationalist or any other bad thing that ends with “-ist” :p I know as a human being what’s wrong & whats right and slamming other people’s way of life is WRONG. Whats the point of becoming an atheist,Christian,muslim,buddihst (excuse my spelling please) or doing anything else in life for that matter if all it does is make you a bad person at the end of the day ?
    We are ALL different let’s face it, each goes about their life differently as for the poor soul of our dear friend “Fatima Al jahra’a” in that picture of hers (check again ) whom exactly is she thanking ? I don’t know if that was supposed to be a joke or that she is just plain stupid to prove herself that she isn’t atheist & just is trying to fill her “void”; either way I rest my case.
    Thank you & sorry for blabbing on too long 😀

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