No Way Through..

I stumbled upon this video on youtube and found it interesting to share. Uploaded by a group called ‘Gaza Youth’, it gave me a closer feel of what the Palestinian occupation really is, and how it affects the lives of many, every day..

Since I was born, I’ve heard about the Israeli occupation of Palestine so many times that it became just a story to me, and many people like me. This video revived the feeling of injustice towards those occupied. I’m not sure about the production itself and why is it giving London as an example..But I believe anyone seeing this would relate it to common sense, and the pure breach of humanity that is conducted every single day in the lives of those behind the checkpoints. A simple injury or an accident that is not life threatening would end someone’s life only because they are denied access to hospital or medical care center in their own country, on their own land. A crime against humanity that we should never stop fighting for it to end.


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