The Eleven Questions Tag

It’s tags week! This time by Danderma. The 11 questions tag, fun fun fun!

The Rules:

– Post 11 random facts about yourself.
– Answer the 11 questions I asked.
– Tag 11 others and create (11) questions for them to answer.
– Inform those that you have tagged.
– No Tag Backs.

So let’s get the party started!

11 facts about myself:

1- I was never and will never be a morning person, I wake up in a bad mood! And it only gets better towards noon if I have a peaceful quite morning!
2- In another life, I would have been a professional car racer!
3- I freak out in closed places.
4- I’m secretly a desperate dreamer!
5- Sun makes me the happiest.
6- I’m such an extremist; I either love or hate, white or black works on everything, no greys!
7- My expectations are always much higher than reality.
8- I’m very analytical! I connect the most random things! And it works!
9- I could really be intimidating if I don’t like you!
10- I wish I lived in Paris.
11- I am a very very very moody person and I get bored very easily!

11 Questions from Danderma:

1- What is your tried & tested motto?
Lower Your Expectations, Increase Your Happiness.
2- Your favorite meal of all time is…?
Hmmm I don’t have one, depends on how my taste buds are feeling at the moment
3- What is one thing you can’t wait to be invented?
Flying cars!
4- Do you believe in soul mates?
5- What is your favorite flower?
6- Waking up to find ur self in back high school: A wish or a nightmare?
A little bit of both!
7- What is the oldest item you own?
My ‘bride’ Barbie! I think I got it when I was about 9 or 10.
8- iPhone, blackberry, or Galaxy?
9- Who came first, the egg or the chicken?
The chicken
10- The best shampoo on earth is…?
JF Lazartigue Deep Cleansing Shampoo; I dunno what I’d do if they ever stop making it!
11- Do you believe there is life on other planets?
There has to be!

My 11 questions:

1- What’s your pet peeve?
2- Do you collect anything? If yes, what is it?
3- What’s the worst habit you’ve got?
4- What’s the one thing that can make you happy anytime no matter what?
5- Which celebrity style do you like the most?
6- What is your favorite fairytale?
7- When you look back 5 years ago what do you think about yourself?
8- Who do you look up to?
9- Do you feel more comfortable in a small group of people or in a big crowd?
10- Do you try to be the center of attention?
11- Are you easy or difficult to please?

Finally, my 11 tags:

1- Dudette/7ajiDude
2- Moody/MoodynCheeky
3- Froyo Nation
4- LadyB
5- Pretty In Pleats
6- Toomzie/Hello965
7- Her/Hishersq8
8- Pisces Chick
9- Swera
10- Triple F
11- Mimi/Q8blend


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