I’ve Been Tagged!

The other day I ran into Mohd from Q8 Blend Blog, and the minute I see him I remembered him tagging me, and I never answered his questions! Sowwy 😦 I know I suck like that sometimes!

So, back to tagging, and having fun with my fellow bloggers, here goes my answers to Mohd’s questions:

1- Name one thing you are addicted to ( Hope it’s not drugs :p) ?
The internet! I’m a big geek! When I go out I take my laptop along! If I have something serious to talk about I’d send you an email! And I NEVER watch tv! Who needs it anyway!

2- What would you take with you if you were gonna live on a deserted island for 1 year (5 things only dont include food & clothes ) ?
– Laptop (with power cable)!
– My Blackberry
– Nail Polish (Lots of them)
– Tanning oil 😛
– My pillow

3- What do you usually do in your weekend to have fun ?
Go out with my friends, double that fun when we go shopping! 😛

4- Name one thing you really enjoy doing (other than blogging) ?
Sun bathing

5- If you have 2 wishes what would you wish for (plz don’t say world peace it’s not a beauty pagan)?
– Live in Paris (I truly believe I was French in some past life)
– Go on a world tour (literally, visit every country)

6- Do you own a pet & if you don’t what kind of pet would you get ?
I had failed attempts 😦 Always had to give my pet away after a while cause of allergy! Love them all, cats, dogs, fish, hamsters! Even bunnies!

7- Whats your astrological sign ?
Pisces and proud!

8- Name one thing you can not & will never understand about the opposite gender ?
The addiction to ‘Male Only’ shisha shops! a.k.a ‘Gahwa’!

9- Favorite Singer/band & song ?
Hmmmm, that’s a hard one! Can’t pick! LOVE music, and all songs with deep meanings! Adele, Rihanna, Beyonce, R&B, Hip Hop..Will never get enough 😀

10- What is the most embarrassing situation you have faced ?
Believe it or not, I seriously do not get embarrassed for some reason! I feel shy, or uncomfortable, But never embarrassed 😕

11- Favorite Tech gadget or electronic device ?
My Laptop 🙂


2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged!

  1. 8- Name one thing you can not & will never understand about the opposite gender ?
    The addiction to ‘Male Only’ shisha shops! a.k.a ‘Gahwa’!

    Excellent. then we are doing it right 😛

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