Goji Ink: March Issue

Goji INK is an online magazine that was created by Goji Boutique for fashion-lovers and trend setters in the region and the Middle East. The latest issue of Goji INK features gorgeous picks. It takes you on a journey of inspiration and beauty. The issue unveils with sharing some of the inspiring works of fashion illustrator, Cédric Rivrain, a Parisian artist who has grown unusual prestige for his attractive and striking artistic vision.

The issue then lifts your spirit with a prominent color feature: yellow! Being such a big color this season, Goji INK presents picks in yellow, the color of sunshine, energy, and creative thoughts.

Throughout the issue, you will find yourself floating with romantic designs, and alluring colors, you will indulge in the latest trends, the edgy pieces, and the everlasting sense of high fashion. You will feel the breeze of summer through the pages.

The maxi dress trend, tribal accessories, colorful stacked up bracelets, the clutch fever, and much more, are all just a click away, and can be found at the March issue of Goji INK.

Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful, follow Goji INK and stay in the fashion circle!


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